Cheap 32″ 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor: Viotek GN32LD Review

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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Cheap 32″ 1440p 144Hz Monitor: Viotek GN32LD Review

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. 2TEC

    Does this monitor have a speaker built into it?

  2. SIM RIG 412

    Lol you call that budget? Those cheap name brands are more then good/known brands. Got my MSI 32in curved 2560×1440 144hz 1ms for $398

  3. Vitomir

    best review of a monitor i've seen so far. Keep it up bois

  4. RighteousBruce

    I got an AOC 32" 144Hz Q32G1WG4. Highly reccommend for $500 AUD ($350 US)

  5. Secular Titan

    Just a heads up, fellow gamer's. This monitor is $329.99 on Amazon right meow. (: Just snagged mine a few minutes ago.

  6. Ascendence

    too bad we dont have any viotek available in EU

  7. Jr C

    I'm really late to the game on upgrading my monitor, but just a couple of days ago, my ROG Swift PG278QR arrived, and the original MSRP was $699. I guess nearly 2 years on. I managed to pick mine up for $423. Mind you, this model is g- sync and able to over clock to 165 hz, I keep it at 144 hz.

    I have noticed you cover a lot of curved panels and when out and about I took a look at them. Personally didn't find either curved panels or anything larger that 27" suitable for my needs. I don't really fit into any specific category of gamer or content creator but more like a casual chair potato that does a bit of everything :D.

    Nonetheless, I couldn't find another spot to fit this comment in because I am lazy to find an exact one of your reviews related to my product. But it still kind of does, lol.

    Anyhow, my specific point is, that based on your reviews and provided information on various panels. I was able to choose my new monitor and better for it.

    Thanks for your reviews and informative information that allows us to make better choices in where we invest. Cheers 🙂

  8. Dirt Frog

    So thankful for content like this. You guys really put hardware to the test!

  9. Marko Vucic

    Wow. Hands down great review. No bull$x"%, straight to the point. Just shut up and take my money already 😀

  10. Masterx29

    is any of the viotek have a amazon link for germany_


    Just picked this monitor up for $280 not bad at all for the price

  12. Is 32" too big? I'm looking at AOC CQ32G1, 144Hz, 1ms, 1440p, VN. Is 1440p image sharp on 32" display?

  13. mark jones

    wait whats the difference between the GN32LD and GN32DB cause i bought the DB

  14. mark jones

    Wouldnt it makes more sense to put the response time to low in the settings instead of high? does anyone know if setting it to high makes it lower or higher?

  15. Rey De Leon

    I like it! The width is too long, but the length fixes that.

  16. Babbleplay

    Sick, miserable, and more cross than I would be normally that this is in the SCP playlist.

  17. Kespp

    I have the monitor right now and the sound don't work at all.

  18. Sashimi-X

    Viotek uses Samsung panels, you're really getting a Samsung monitor in disguise.

  19. Andy Harrier

    Now I'm confused I heard a 32-inch monitor would only run well if it was 4K not 1440p if anybody can solve this riddle that would be great

  20. A T

    this looks like a piece of shit lmao

  21. Pepi

    Can I use this monitor when the Xbox series x comes out?

  22. Nidhin Anil Guru

    can you please review Kogan 28" Ultra HD 4K FreeSync Monitor (3840 x 2160)

  23. Dappy


  24. Ride Safe Always

    What HDCP version does this monitor have? I have it and i cant play 4k encoded titles like witcher even in 1080p mode, netflix app always shows "we are having a problem with this title right now". I tested both on display port and hdmi. I can play other non 4k titles though like shrek.

  25. ginsengjin

    I bought this monitor in 2020 for $200. Great deal. The color is accurate but you do need to adjust the settings like most monitors. If you jumped from 60hz to 144hz you'll notice the clarity and smoothness but I do think there's a blur in the motion due to it being a cheaper VA monitor. It's a thing you will notice more on a white screen (like moving windows) but less noticeable in games and movies, which is really where it matters.

  26. Valentino Berlin

    can I calibrated the GN32DB with GN32LD Calibrated ICC Profile or is different?

  27. gotti2x

    Is this good for a xbox one series s

  28. David Cole

    Just bought the Pixio 1440P 144Hz 32" Gaming Monitor because of your recommendation. They have it for $299 right now.

  29. HairBear

    I just bought this monitor that can do 144 Hz and 1440p but when on my Xbox series x I go to tv and display options I see the ability to change resolution but there is no option to select hz… it’s not telling me it can’t do it it’s not even showing me the window to change hz… can anyone help?

  30. Eric Kort

    my pc/ps4 system all in one 24 inch monitor,ps4 with 32 inch gaming monitor,im ditching the dell all in one pc,my nephew is giving me his old pc gaming pc,question can i still use a gaming pc to internet browse?

  31. G W

    Bought mine a few months ago love it

  32. Passing Through

    The curve is a bit of a joke but given the lacking performance to price ratio in 2021 re 4K 32" choices – I am going cheap with this one. At least until the insanity in 2021 eases up. Just that curve though … is a huge turn off for me. Great review TY. A+++++

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