Check the Health of Your Laptop’s Battery

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Check the Health of Your Laptop’s Battery This command prompt trick will tell your the health of your laptop battery.


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  1. @muhy9247

    my laptop screen gone to complete black I believe this because of battery

  2. @msun12000

    I think that command should be powercfg /batteryreport

  3. @isa_L

    i have G-Helper for ASUS that shows battery health in system Tray Flyout along with asus Armoury Crate Control with only one click on the icon.

    windows should add this as basic Feature because of how Simple, Useful And Cool it is.

  4. @realmadrid6744

    My laptop battery get to 50 then the laptop shutdown automatically can anyone help me ?

  5. @gaazag6643

    ok did that, where does it refer to Life Cycle, left in battery,, cannot see that anywhere in report list

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