Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2024 Review: China’s New Family SUV Redefines Value

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nope it’s not a chocolate ad it’s a review for the new Cherry Tigo 7 Pro Elite and I’ve been driving this medium SUV for the last week with my family of three to see how it competes against Rivals like the mghs gwm havl H6 and the heand Tucson stay watching to see what we’ve [Music] discovered there are three variants for the Tigo 7 Pro and our test vehicle is the mspec Elite model which will cost you $4,990 driveway that makes it on par with most of its Rivals with the Hyundai being the most expensive competitor considering its price point and its spe level you get a lot of features in this and you’ll enjoy really good premium items too like heated and electric front seats a panoramic sunroof Sony sound system with 8speed speakers and a power tailgate to name a few if you’re after more details the full specs are in my detailed written review at [Music] vs without ruffling any design feathers its curbside presence should appeal to a wide audience because it’s well proportioned and has some interesting focal points like this large grill with its Diamond MO tee I personally get images of spider eyes when I look at it but it does add depth and dimension to the front the Sleek rear with the full Suite of LED lights just rounds out the package the interior style looks premium with the black synthetic leather upholstery and the contrasting white piping and this curved dashboard with the 12.3 in touchscreen multimedia system and 12.3 in digital instrument cluster looks really high-end I also really really like that you’ve got ambient lighting a chunky e shifter overall it just is a very pleasant cabin space there’s a good sense of space up front with plenty of leg room and head room to be had the seats are very comfortable but do sit quite High which not really an issue cuz I got used to it but my driving position at first didn’t feel quite right the individual storage options up front are fantastic for the class with an extra deep middle console as well as this really handy shelf underneath the center console a good siiz glove box and the usual drink bottle and cup holders the charging options are really good up front with a single USB A and C Port 12volt Port and wireless charging pad to choose from I like that the charging pad is extra large because it accommodates a really large case like mine the multimedia system looks great but can be a little bit laggy at times but the hello Cherry voice assistant is all but useless I’ve tried many different types of voice commands and prompts and it either just doesn’t understand the prompt repeats it back to me incorrectly or just says basically that it doesn’t compute I do like though that it has built-in satnav wide Apple carplay and Android auto the digital instrument cluster looks good and I like that you have a few themes to choose from but it’s not as customizable as what I usually like I do love how driver orientated this cockpit is which is really nice the back seat is quite hard and I don’t think a longer Journey will be super comfortable but I do like how supportive the back rest is I also have plenty of room back here for my 168 CM height which is great the panoramic sunroof also makes the cabin feel very airy the amenities and storage are also very good back here you get the usual drink bottle holders and cup holders as well as mat Pockets directional air vents and a single USB a port there are isopix child seat mounts on the outboard seats plus three top tethers there’s plenty of room for front passengers when you install a 0 to four rearward facing child seat but two seats are going to fit best the boot is a great size it’s 626 L but if you do need more storage space you can bump it up to 1,672 L if you pop the back road down the back seat has a 60/40 split and the loading space is level which is great I really like that this has a fulls sizee spare wheel in it and a power tailgate the elite has a 1.6 L 4 cylinder turbo petrol engine with a maximum power output of 137 KW and 275 NM of torque it’s a front-wheel drive and features a 7-speed dual clutch auto transmission it’s actually gutsier than I expected it to be and has adequate power to be an easy open rotor the Tigo 7 Pro is an easygoing cartridge to drive it handles well in the city and feels solid even at higher speeds it also just feels primed and ready to go with its use of power in the sense that when you put your foot down there’s not really a delay before you start shooting forward it can lose traction though when you accelerate too aggressively from a full stop the brakes aren’t particularly sensitive though and you do have to be a lot firmer with them I noticed this more obviously in stop start traffic was isn’t really an issue on the open road this has got a really good steering feel it’s not too heavy or light and the maneuvering of this car feels responsive because of it I don’t love how it handles in Corners though because there’s quite a lot of roll the cabin is nice and quiet even with wind and road noise which is great but the suspension is on the firmer side which nice ride up until you get to a bigger bump which might elicit a couple of harder grunts I really like Medium as SUVs because they’re really easy to park usually their size is quite accommodating and a tight car space and car park but on this one in particular it’s got a fantastic 360° view camera system really makes light work of a car space however I didn’t really notice the front and rear parking sensors sounding out a lot this week even though it has them the official combined fuel cycle for this is 7 L per 100 km my real world usage came out at 8.2 L I did some open road driving but mostly Urban driving this week so I’m pretty happy with that Economy based on the official combined fuel cycle and the 51 L fuel tank you should see a driving range of around 728 km the too7 pro has a great host of safety features and like I just mentioned I love how clear the 360° view camera system is is it’s always good to have on a larger vehicle like this a feature I didn’t like though was the driver attention monitor because it is ridiculously sensitive and sounds out multiple times during all of your Journeys it will alert when you readjust your sunnies blink wrong look at your Speedo I found it to be very distracting and you can turn it off though if it bothers you but not my favorite feature the Tigo 7 Pro has just been awarded a maximum five-star ancap safety rating from testing done in 2023 it has eight airbags which includes the newer front center airbag which is great to see the full safety specs are in my detailed written review at [Music] which is a longer than normal term than you usually see for the class there’s a 7year or up to 105,000 km cat price servicing program and services average at 2 $94 per service which is very competitive servicing intervals are also reasonable at every 12 months or 15,000 km whichever occurs first the Cherry Tigo 7 Pro Elite has been a surprising car the premium features stylish design and practical space don’t marry up with the affordable price tag but I am all for it because you get bang for your buck here the technology could certainly improve upon but everything else more than makes up for it this is a solid allrounder and gets a 7.9 out of 10 from me my son loves the red paint workor and how much room he had in the back seat he gives it a 7 out of 10 but if you’re after more details check out my full review at carsguide doom. and I’ll see you next [Music] week [Music]

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  1. @1969cmp

    Who would have thought that Chery would bounce back, looking at what they had all those years ago. But today, crikey, I like them.

  2. At a push I went with a Mahindra but a Chinese car……yeah nah thanks nomatter how good the specs are

  3. @kmuinde

    What’s the suburb your testing the car at? I like it

  4. @chucknorris8704

    This thing is way overpriced. Might as well get a Mahindra or even better, a Haval H6 Hybrid.

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