Chinese Laptops Worth Buying

Huawei Matebook Pro X and the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13 are 2 of the best laptops on the market for the price. Chinese laptops have always had good value and they are both now available from US retailers.

Matebook Pro X –
Xiaomi Mi Laptop –

With an MX150 / 8th gen CPU these laptops are powerful for their size and priced well

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  1. Dave2D

    Chinese laptops are definitely cheaper than north american brands, is it worth the savings to you? Would you get one over other brands?

  2. Luca Lishes

    I am struggling between buying an xiaomi mi air 13 or matebook 13. Which one would be the better choice in terms of power and overall user experience?

  3. Rad Shahmat

    Is Huawei laptops still worth buying after the ban?

  4. Teddy Smith

    Hi which is the cheap and best laptop to buy on aliexpress

  5. Errol Alcoseba

    weird how you mentioned thermal throttling in xiaomi but not huawei. also nothing about the touch screen feature. 14inch screen vs 13.3inch screen. power button on keyboard compared to outside the keyboard?

  6. Marian Kis

    Should i get Xiaomi mi air 13 or huawei matebook 13? And why?.

  7. Sumith Suresh

    Need review feed me lapatop please… Chinese laptop 💻

  8. If Xiaomi put their mi logo on the front cover, it'd look more genuine and better

  9. Hubert J

    Ah yes, fixing is very difficult…

    And what? Apple is so worthy? Is it any better? At least chinese manufacturers doesn't lie and fix for cheap, unlike apple who wants $700 for a bent montherboard pin. Only retards buys apple products.


    Get some fucking knowledge people.

  10. Muiz Kaza

    I not sure… But huawei customer service are really good… I from Malaysia by the way, not sure on west country

  11. nao


  12. 5Spot

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  13. Huawei is A Chinese Smartphone And Most People Like Huawei Than Apple Now Cause At 2020 Huawei Its Actually Better Than Apple.

  14. I hope you'll review the Mi Notebook and the Xiaomi Notebook Pro launching tomorrow.

  15. Never buy Chinese products again. China is an irresponsible and over-aggressive country. Huawei is believed to attach data-transmitting devices in their products.

  16. Ronnel Leocadio

    Whaatt.. I just found d same product in Lazada Philippines.. Matebook x pro price is P10,000 or $200.00 haha

  17. Boo Tao

    Seems like everyone forgot that lenovo is also from China?

  18. LuKa

    Too bad i live in china

  19. I just cannot stomach owning a product, where good people are exploited by an oppressive government. I guess I love people more than money!

  20. Alpzepta

    Is Thinkpad not worth buying anymore? Lenovo is Chinese too

  21. D. Tzav.

    Why everyone is putting labels and talking trash when a product is made in China. Like all the others are not made in China.

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