Choosing Between Redmi 13 and Redmi Note 13 – A Simple Decision!

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Redmi note 13 vs redmi 13 4G.
This is a pretty straightforward comparison. The redmi note 13 is the better phone and everyone should buy this phone over the redmi 13. I compared the two phones in this video, and hopefully when you’re done watching, you’ll know why I said what I said.
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Redmi 13 review –

Redmi Note 13 Review ––aM5aUQMqw?si=Dcyi154TmwEG8rCd
for just a little more money you can get the redmi note 13 4G that was a comment left on my redmi 13 review and I totally agree you should definitely get the note 13 over the redmi 13 believe me it’s the better phone first off the note 13 has Superior build quality it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the screen while the redmi 13 has just gorilla glass protection the note 13 also has an ip54 rating while the redmi 13 has an IP 53 rating the note 13 has stereo speakers the redmi 13 has just one speaker we also have a more advanced under display fingerprint reader on the Note 13 while we have the regular side mounted fingerprint reader on the redmi 13 but I should also point out that the redmi 13 has a glass rare while the note 13 has a plastic back so yeah it kind of looks like an advantage for the redmi 13 but then again glass is more fragile than plastic so is it really an advantage what about the displays well they both have the same resolution but the note 13 has a better display type a higher refresh rate smaller bezels and even a brighter screen so on paper it definitely has the better specs but it’s not just on paper in the real world too like you would be able to see how much better it is in real life too from when you’re watching movies to when you’re gaming or even when you’re scrolling you definitely notice that the note 13 has a superior display the note 13 also has better performance than the redmi 13 the note 13 uses the Snapdragon 685 while the redmi 13 uses The Helio g91 when I ran benchmarks on both the note 13 came out on top but the Gap wasn’t as wide as I thought it would be the reason I’m saying this is because I had a pretty terrible experience with the redmi 13 the phone felt really slow it stuttered a lot and overall it just kind of sucked but when I used the note 13 I didn’t have any of those issues I think the reason for this could be the fastest storage type used on the Note 13 so even though on paper the difference isn’t that wide when you actually use these phones you would easily tell that the note 13 is just faster now of course these are still budget phones so you can’t expect top top performance they would still occasionally stutter they would still play games at medium graphic settings they’re also not going to be the best at multitasking or even opening apps instantly but if you had to choose between these two phones the note 13 is the one to go with for cameras they both have a 108 mapel main camera they also both have a 2 map macro lens but then we have an additional 8 megap Ultra wide camera on the Note 13 for the selfie camera the note 13 has a 16 megap camera while the redmi 13 has a 13 megapixel camera we’re going to come to the selfie camera in a bit but starting with the main camera they’re actually comparable most pictures are similar some I prefer the note 13 and in some other ones I prefer the redmi 13 so yeah comparable but I’ll give an edge to the note 13 because of its Ultra wide camera although it’s just 8 megapixels and isn’t the most detailed it definitely would come in handy for certain types of shots and then for the selfie camera the note 13 has the better camera on paper but when I compare them I actually preferred the redmi 13 for me it just did better with color and also was more consistent lastly I compared video quality they both shoot at 1080p 30 FPS but honestly I wasn’t impressed with the video quality of both phones the note 13 looked a bit soft while the redmi 13 looked oversharpened they just didn’t impress me if I had to pick though I’ll probably go with the note 13 because it does seem to have a bit of stabilization but do let me know what you think down in the comments for battery the redmi 13 has the slightly bigger battery 5,030 Milah hours but I think because of the more efficient processor of the note 13 and its AMOLED display it actually ends up having the better battery life I watched a YouTube video for an hour and a half on both phones the redmi 13 lost 9% of its battery while the note 13 lost 8% of its battery so the note 13’s better but slightly better but yeah in all they have pretty good battery life and should last a day easily with medium use for charging both phones support up to 33 wats of wide charging so it should take a little over an hour to fully charge these phones no real difference there and that’s kind of the same thing with software they’re both running on hyper OS on top of Android 14 I plan on making a long-term review of the note 13 so in that video I should talk a bit more about hyper OS and all its new features okay so what’s the verdict like I said in the intro everyone should buy the note 13 over the redmi 13 and I think I have shown you why in fact the only reason to buy the redmi 13 is if you don’t really care about performance if you just want a phone to take calls on maybe take a couple pictures but then most importantly you want to save money but really I would encourage you to spend a little more and get the Noe 13 I’ve dropped reviews on both phones so if you want more information you can definitely go watch those videos but I hope that this video has helped you decide which phone to go with but that’s it thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you when you see me [Music]

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