Code Snippets Tutorial 2022 | Say Goodbye To WordPress Plugins

With Code Snippets you can say goodbye to a lot of plugins. It will make your website faster and easier to configure. In this Code Snippets tutorial, I show you how to work with Code Snippets.

Get Code Snippets:
Library With Code Snippets:

As the name says, with Code Snippets, you add snippets of code to your WordPress website, which fulfill a task that normally would take a plugin to do. So with 10 code snippets, you can get rid of 10 plugins.

When you use Code Snippets you can get rid of all your child themes.

Code Snippets Pro has a strong focus on saving you time using custom code or CSS. Save money by buying fewer single-function plugins. Stop manually editing files like functions.php or style.css. You don’t need to be a coder to safely and easily customize your websites. In this tutorial, I will walk you through all the amazing features of Code Snippets and Code Snippets Pro.

00:00 Intro
01:03 3 CodeSnippets Examples
03:29 Download Code Snippets (It’s Free)

05:10 Add A “Login With Email” PHP Code Snippet
06:33 Add A “Current Year” HTML Code Snippet

07:42 How To Find The Best Code Snippets
09:18 Export And Import Code Snippets

11:54 Get Code Snippets Pro
16:25 Email Option JavaScript Code Snippet
17:25 Similar Posts Halfway Blogposts
20:41 Custom Scroll Bar CSS Code Snippet

22:14 Code Snippets Settings

28:13 Share Code Snippets On Your Website
29:01 Place Snippets To Specific Areas Using Content Snippets
32:57 Evergreen Countdown Timer
36:11 Thank You


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  1. Verdi Heinz

    Cloud is coming soon, please wait a little longer!!

  2. Frizza Media

    Can i know your equipment please?
    from hardware – software you using to make engaging video tutorial.

  3. Top idiots

    For once, the software is actually really useful

  4. YoYo Pro

    but I’m learning the mobile version

  5. mario vasquez

    When I first got soft soft it was Japanese to (I don’t know Japanese) but I got the hang of it and now I’m working on an e.p so thx

  6. issac colton

    Our app will be launched in the next few days. I would like to invite you to promote our app. Are you interested???

  7. Hi Bro, appreciate if you could mention in your title that this for WordPress. Its very misleading. Many of us thought it was for general use. Thank you.

  8. Aleem Shariff

    I don't see the Styles/CSS tab in my Snippets! It just shows PHP and HTML. Is it because mine is a free version?

  9. Dan B

    I've been working with WP for over a decade, Insert Code/Insert Into Headers, and Code Snippets are the type of plugins I remove from sites, in favor of child themes with coded functions that do the same.

    Geniunely curious… What do you feel is the benefit of doing this over using a child theme to manage custom functions, CSS, etc? You'd have one less plugin (not using Code Snippets) and a child theme with the core basics, doesn't poise much of a performance or security concern.

  10. Patrick Kellogg

    Please make a video about setting a breakpoint in an IDE such as PHPStorm or VSCode on a line of code that is in one of these code snippets.

  11. Dave Switzerland

    Lol Ferdy haha great Video, super Content, veeeeeery helpful and i really had to laugh several times. Very nice & friendly.

  12. peak196

    Very interesting, thanks. Was using the free version. Will purchase Pro.

  13. Hi Ferdy,
    I have got review that Freemius system could be a problem..
    Could you please advice as to why this could be so?

  14. Sridhar Katakam

    16:52 PHP code should not be placed inside JS. I am guessing the reason it worked is because CSP is ignoring all non JS code and running just the JS part. Also the quotes surrounding 9 are smart quotes and should be fixed to make them be normal (if/when using that code in PHP tab).

    18:47 That is PHP code, not JS.

  15. Dhanny Boy

    Outstanding material. Thanks so much for this.

  16. TalksOne

    Very Nice @Ferdy Korpershoek I have learned so much from you. This video is a lifesaver for every WordPress website owner because for every feature we have to install some plugging but now… it is so cool. Thank you so much for making this amazing video.

  17. Web Pixels

    Hello Sir how to speed up my wordpress website can you give Me a Tips and Tricks which Plugin should i install

  18. Wentian Hou

    Hi guys, is there a coupon code for a lifetime license key of Code Snippets?

  19. Zooni

    Hello Ferdy,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Can you please let me know which screen recording software you are using? & which video editing software do you use?

    How can we record 2160 with 60fps on laptop?

    How to make cursor that big?

    Sorry, it is alot to ask. If you can show us your video recording and editing process, that will be great.

    Great quality 😍

    Stay blessed.
    Thank you.

  20. Jack Shipley

    So quick! I have a passing familiarity with HTML and CSS (Not PHP!) and I was able to quickly add my Square POS on-line ordering (takeout/pickup) website into our pending wordpress/woocommerce site. Other order-ahead plugins required a two or three step import process from Square to Plugin provider to new site and testing showed duplications despite universal use of SKUs. Now, I can easily control our revenue streams and drop teh expensive order plugins.

  21. SeeItHappen

    Get rid of all the bloat, visual builder spaghetti code, unused theme functions and abandoned plugins. Just learn to code in html, css, js and php and give the client a website that he really deserves

  22. natalie jones

    thanks for sharing the details of the hack. working perfectly fine with me

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