Coding for a Swedish Startup – a day in the life of Amber Wilkie

Find out what a normal day is like for programmer Amber Wilkie.

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  1. Divyesh Parmar

    Thank you for sharing your day with us, whenever I feel down and frustrated while I don't understand something I really need to look for this kind of videos this is the prestige part of the software development life.

    Wow that Ergonomic desk, I really want to have it. it is tirey to sit on the chair all the time. Dream to wanna work on Product company in Sweden, Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe

  2. Sunny D.

    I love to see you all working like this thank you for sharing the video.

  3. Jesse Davis

    This was a great "day in the life of …" video – appreciate you taking the time to share your day with us.

  4. Data in Tech

    Thanks Amber in future also u share ur experience with us ….

  5. jack Daniel

    Nice Video, thanks for uploading. For GOD SAKE get some Chapstick (Lip Balm) or something 🙂

  6. The workplace is nice !
    Is necessary to learn Swedish to work like Developer/Programmer ?
    I'd like to work in Sweden like Android developer (native or cross-platform) or Java developer.
    I'd like too work with 3D/Virtual/Augmented Reality (Unity engine).
    But I can work like Web Developer or similar jobs.
    I have a degree in Computer Science and I'll study now to earn a master degree in Computer Science.
    Is important to make many years of relevant experience in the IT field ?

  7. Emiliano Kloster

    I want to work in sweden. I am a programmer too. Is it difficult to get a job as a foreign?

  8. katya dovereeva

    which programming language need to know to find a job in Stockholm?

  9. LUCAS

    Hello, i really like your video. I have a question, is it to difficult find a job as a jr. developer being a lationamerican guy?? Thank you

  10. tomugon

    I'm a software developer from the DR, I wanna move to Sweden. Any tips, on finding a job that will sponsor my visa?

  11. abc def

    1:57 guy with red shirt like anies governor of jakarta

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