Combine Excel Sheets the EASY Way with VSTACK

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Tired of copy-pasting to combine Excel sheets? Learn how to use the VSTACK function to merge multiple worksheets in seconds, and then use the FILTER function to get clean, sorted results. This simple trick will save you tons of time and effort.

Discover the power of VSTACK in this quick Excel tutorial. I’ll show you how to:

Combine multiple Excel sheets into a single master sheet
Handle different data sizes across sheets
Maintain formatting and data integrity
Perfect for beginners and those who want to streamline their Excel workflow!

Download Practice File:

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Introduction the VSTACK Function in Excel
3:48 Use VSTACK function faster
5:13 Add the FILTER function to keep your data clean


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  1. @JB_inks

    Ctrl-Shit home and end also go to the first and last cells on a sheet with data

  2. Could you please send the link of your video on basic excel for beginners if you have one? I'm just not good at this. I just need to know the basics on starting out for the first time. Thanks

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