Comparison: Bose Soundlink Max vs. Two Bose Soundlink Flex Speakers in Stereo Pair

should you spend 300 bucks and get two of the bow sound link Flex or should you spend about 400 bucks and get one of the B sound link Max that’s what we’re going to cover here in this video and actually let’s just go ahead and jump right into the audio test and then towards the end of the video I’ll give you guys my personal [Music] thoughts it’s a Divine affection you can’t live got it love a girl I’ll give you all the field step into my world I promise you love it here with me and all this FY when I feel safe when I feel hurt when I can trust you have the word makes me feel so I’m just a girl ready to nurture you look around now stop and stay greedy people everywhere alone baby it’s not fair don’t you give up on us no you said you never let me go thought I was somewh you love and now you try to walk away but then we touch my when like good baby cuz I need to my body di the way hold inside I never every time that we do I never get it enough afraid your different schedule can’t handle 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don’t care no I don’t care about tomorrow the fast I young why grow up We canot Come a Little Closer I want to dance with you everything’s moving slower I don’t know what it is you do I’ve been looking at you all night trying to figure you out I just want to make you smile hold your hand in my hand looking at the sunet man you’re looking good tonight I want to kiss you before the sun goes down it’s what you doing making me feel like I’m falling and when you moving I can hear my calling there’s no one else here that see so I think the first thing you have to consider is just going to be overall convenience I don’t think the average person including myself really wants to carry around two speakers all the time that’s two speakers to keep track of two speakers to keep charged up so from that standpoint if you want something that’s going to give you a little bit more volume a little bit more power obviously the sounding Max makes more sense now another thing to consider when it comes to convenience is the Bose Connect app that’s the app that you use to connect the sounding Flex speakers together and to put it nicely that app is not great and actually when it comes to using that app on my Android I use an s24 ultra it’s honestly it’s unusable like I try to connect the speakers to the app it hardly ever works now with my iPhone it’s a different story it’s still very very buggy uh but it is better than the experience on the Android and that’s what I have to use anytime I want to pair these two speakers together um so with that being said I wish they had a dedicated you know party mode button similar to how JBL does with the party boost and now or cast uh sound cord the way they have their true wireless button to where you could just press a button on the speakers themselves make sure they’re in close proximity and they’ll pair right up uh rather than having to rely on the app cuz again the app is not great whatsoever now moving things over to sound when it comes to outdoor environments I would say that the sound link Max is definitely the way to go it does get louder than two of the sound link flex and it has more power especially in terms of the bass it just has more punch more kick to it and just more overall umph so to speak now in an indoor environment assuming that you’re not playing these speakers at 100% volume I was actually really impressed at how well two of the sound link Flex Stacks up against the sound link Max uh when it comes to just treble Clarity you know vocal presence it actually kind of sounds a little bit better than the sound link Max uh the sound link Max sounds a little bit more closed in as you would expect uh since it’s a single Source compared to two audio sources uh you can really you know put one of these speakers in one section of the room put another one in the other section of the room and you get that true stereo separation uh so it just sounds a lot more open now again in terms of bass you definitely notice more on the sounding Max as you would expect but aside from that again I was very very surprised with the performance of two of the sounding Flex now another thing to consider is going to be custom EQ with the sound link Flex there’s no option of custom EQ whereas with the sound link Max it uses the newer Bose app which does offer custom EQ so it gives you a three-band EQ you can adjust the base the mids the highs and already out of the box it has a more powerful sound compared to two of the sounding flex but with that custom EQ you can make the sound even more powerful if you want to ramp up the base a little bit more and you can kind of open things up if you want to ramp up the Tre the mid-range whatever you see fit uh you do have some customization there some versatility there that you can take advantage of so that’s definitely something to consider as well so that pretty much covers it for this video hopefully you found it to be helpful if so consider giving the video a thumbs up and consider subscribing as well and aside from that I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music]

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  1. There is a way that can put both speakers to put them in the party/stereo mode instead of the Bose Connenct App. I have two Flexes. It's by pressing the bluetooth button and the volume up button on the first speaker and on the second by pressing the bluetooth button and volume down. It takes only a few moments to announce party mode both speakers. To switch to stereo press the volume up and bluetooth button on any speaker and it will say left right.

  2. @L0b0ts

    Bose Soundlink Max is way better, works very well with app and doubles up as powerbank to charge up phone when out and about, looks and feels way cooler ergonomically. Way better bass response and stereo sound and no delay when watching video clips, movies or playing video games. Really is a no brainer.

  3. I’ve just ordered the sound link max, and ime wondering if I’ve made the right choice, how does it compare to the Jbl authentics 200 please.

  4. Yes the connect app is a NIGHTMARE for connecting 2 speakers. It is unusable. But there is a very good work around. Avoid the app all together and make the connection using the physical buttons. Google it for the exact instructions. I’ll quickly summarize off the top of my head. But you will be sooooo glad and never use the app again. It’s basically like this… turn 1 speaker on and let it connect to your phone. Then press and hold the BT and volume up button. The speaker will then say “now press the BT and volume down buttons on a 2nd Bose device”. So do that. Let them connect. And after that you can simply press and hold BT and volume up on any of the 2 speakers to toggle between party mode and stereo mode. Breathe the free air again my friend breathe the free air. You’re welcome

  5. @elisehanslirod

    Kindly create a video featuring your preferred speaker for the mid-year period.

  6. @LeesReviews69

    The flex and the max have the same signature sound, and I don’t think I like it. Too much low end rumble and vocals are set back

  7. @LeesReviews69

    Ive had 2 Flex’s since they came out, and this was my dilemma. Well now I have 2 Beats Pills and I’m giving my Flex’s away. But I might need this. Okay now pressing Play to watch the video…

  8. @felix_five

    Buy two soundcores , get similar sound quality at half the price

  9. @blazeworks

    Ceo – Can you do the new Beats Pill vs Bose Soundlink Flex – Got my Beats Pill and its firing !! – Love the Content !!!

  10. @_-Z-

    Thank you for another great comparison! 👍

  11. @candyman111881

    Really good speaker comparison video. 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. @TemujinScott80

    Watching now! Just got my SOUNDLINK max.

    Party mode for the SOUNDLINK max is coming soon as per Bose. Two of these will be amazing as well.

  13. @Keesha-v3q

    Sono grato per l'opportunità di entrare in contatto con donne così intelligenti e perspicaci provenienti da tutto il mondo.💞

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