Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 in all available colors

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so we’ve got the new zold 6 and Z flip 6 in all of the colors and then we’ve also got all the accessories or at least a bunch of accessories to go with them including a bunch of stuff over here the new watches headphones watch bands we have the first party Samsung cases and I also have my gold samples of all the new later cases to fit on these new Samsung devices so there’s a lot to do in this video for the very first time now this is my first interaction with the device and they’ve continued to refine this product line so these flat edges and this lighter package creates a device that feels closer to a non-folding device to a typical smartphone like an s24 ultra I think flattening this Edge out has made it so that this Ridge on the inside is less perceivable to your thumb so you just kind of forget that it’s there when you’re using it in its folded orientation it also for some reason feels slimmed down in the hinge area and just the whole package feels tight and finished of course since it’s a folding device the magic happens when you unfold it you get this really large internal display and you’ll also notice you’ve got your hidden camera still up in the corner it’s packing the latest Snapdragon actually both of these devices are whether you select for the fold or the flip Flip’s got a few more color options this mint over here however if you want pink you’re looking at the fold I’ve been a fold guy in the past pretty much every single fold device that’s come out I’ve used as a daily driver for an extended period of time and I think it’s going to be no different this time around triple camera setup Ultra wide wide and telephoto and a variety of options for front-facing camera because we have the external cover camera which is going to be high quality like any other Samsung Flagship and then then we’ve got the backup of the internal under display camera which of course lights up in functionality once you launch the camera app or if you’re doing some sort of video conferencing or something now because these devices have this folding capability it means they can do some interesting things as far as like standing them up probably more so on the flip than the fold like this one if you launch into the camera you guys have probably seen this before but of course you have your very own built-in permanent tripod which is useful for filming your own content and now we’ve got some AI features that you’re going to notice here as Mo steps out into frame and it notices that there’s a human there it’s going to zoom in this you’ve seen this feature before and this is just a useful thing so you don’t have to worry when you’re recording yourself that you don’t have a cameraman so two devices I’m curious which you guys are more compelled by I mean in one case you end up with a device that’s incredibly portable and sleek and when it’s unfolded state it’s just so thin like look at that thing extremely comfortable for taking actual phone calls you do end up with a slightly strange aspect ratio for watching video If you do a lot of that but if you value portability and versatility you’re going to be interested in the flip if you want the PowerHouse media consumption device with the best speakers the biggest display the resolution then you might be looking at the fold like I do the fold also gets a slightly larger battery but then it’s going to consume more battery life because you’re running that larger internal display all right let’s talk a little bit about specs these colors on the flip 6 Silver Shadow Blue Mint and yellow Snapdragon 8 gen 3 available on both of the devices 256 and 512 right away for the flip 6 you can take the fold six all the way up to 1 tbte both options will feature 12 gigs of RAM 4,000 mAh battery on the flip 6 4,400 mAh battery on the zold 6 25 w super fast charging on the wire for both devices when it comes to wireless charging it’s 10 wat wireless charging 2.0 on the flip you get 15 WTS of wireless charging on the fold both of them are capable of Wireless Power share the main display on the flip 6 is 6 .7 in whereas the main display on the fold 7.6 in they both feature that variable refresh from 1 to 120 htz and as mentioned previously you’re getting higher resolution on the main display of the fold 2160 by 1856 versus 2640 by 1080 on the Z flip 6 they’ve both got Dynamic AMOLED 2x when we get to the cover displays I think the Gap gets a little bit bigger the flex window as Samsung calls it on the Z flip 6 is 3.4 in at 60 HZ whereas the cover display on the fold is quite a bit larger at 6.3 in mimicking a standard smartphone even in its folded orientation resolution is also a bigger gap on these external displays 720x 748 on the flip versus 2376 by 968 on the Z fold 6 of course the rear camera Advantage goes to the fold also because you’re adding that third camera the 30 times telephoto at 10 megap otherwise you’ve got a 12 megapix F22 Ultra wide and a 50 megapix F18 wide on both of the devices the flip didn’t change in terms of weight but it feels different these flatter edges serve a similar purpose to what they do on the fold in making the device feel a little cleaner and making the Gap feel more imperceptible we have these same little ridges that attempt to lock up the device when it’s in your pocket in order to keep that internal display free from dust grit sand and so on the flip is incredibly comfortable to hold in its unfolded portrait orientation you’re definitely capable of using it with only one hand that’s a little tougher to do on the fold only because it’s thicker to begin with considering the fact that it’s folded so you have a little bit more range to cover and then when you’ve got it open obviously this is a two-hand experience rather than one but it’s obviously going to be fantastic for media consumption now when it comes to accessories here are our first party options we have the silicone case for the flip 6 available in at least three colors that I’ve got here so this is a two-piece case without the loop however it has this little piece I guess that sort of slots through here so it covers the backs side it’s some kind of some kind of synthetic material and it also has adhesive strips so it stays attached to your phone I’m not going to use those adhesive strips right now but essentially that’s how it works now for me I’ve always valued the thinnest cases possible which was of course of course the inspiration for the later case brand and it seems to be especially important when you’re dealing with devices that are already large or heavy to begin with you’re trying to add as little as possible in order to make them as usable as possible so we have our gold samples over here and these again use an adhesive strip I won’t apply it for the purpose of this video and sometimes honestly I’ll even just use the back portion I find that if I use the back portion of later case it gives me a slightly bigger Ridge to grip this really depends on your preference but of course we do have the front frame as well offering protection in those Corners which is key because those are the vulnerable locations when or if or hopefully you don’t drop your phone you can see when it’s in its open orientation this seam is closed up even further by the later case in this situation so these are available right now if you’re consider considering ordering one of these new Samsung devices you can pick up a later case either for the fold or for the flip which we have right here as well super thin pretty much the thinnest case you can make with a material rigid enough to hold up even while being this thin and of course don’t forget you have that premium Kevlar texture for that satisfying feel every time you take the device out I also found in the past that going with no case which is a thing I used to do is especially difficult with the fold because of its density it just seems more likely to slide out of a pocket of a pair of shorts however the later case provides just enough grip that that happens a lot less frequently so you’re not as nervous hopping in and out of the car I’m sure people have had that experience before it’s of course horrible when you watch the brand new device hit the pavement with nothing on it so put something on it and if you want the thinnest thing you can check out later case all right let’s test a couple of things on the phone so I do want to see these cameras first and foremost I am going to grab my trusty plant over here look how crowded the table is we truly have everything here the watches the straps the phones in every color let’s go ahead and start with the ultra wide camera which they’re calling 6 boom move up to one boom and then all the way into the telephoto at three we have pretty good camera versatility here we can grab all the way into there optically of course look at the detail that is present let’s check our brightness oh we have plenty more by the way I’m just going to say it right now I’m going to switch to this phone I have just been a fan of the fold devices every iteration I feel compelled to pick it back up there is something that feels just so productive about having this big internal display it makes me more inclined to do work tasks when I unfold this device I’m just I feel like I’m in a web browser that’s a lot more like a laptop particularly if you just select for the desktop browser which you can totally use on this device anyway it also lets you inspect pixels really well because it’s not just a resolution thing it’s actually also a scale thing so let’s move over to the main camera this one looks even better I mean holy you can just crop in on that one if you want and then of course the ultra wide you want to fit more into the frame now there is a selfie camera here and if I flip this around you’ll sort of see how it works it looks maybe a little bit better than it has in the past this of course is an under display it says keep that lens clean for clearer pictures is it going to rival a non screen front-facing camera no is it going to be usable for video conferencing absolutely I think that’s more than capable for that purpose but if you want the highest quality front-facing camera that of course is going going to be on the cover camera right here so this one’s going to be a little bit better and it also has two settings so you can go a little bit wider to fit more into the frame and this one is going to give you a lot more detail and sharpness and it’s pretty obvious at this point we’ve seen under display cameras there are compromises in this case it really makes sense because you’re not distracted by it when you’re using your consumption screen and if you really need a highquality selfie you’re probably using the external camera any anyways now the other thing I’m curious about here is the multimedia performance since this is going to be a multimedia Powerhouse man that’s the part that I miss just typing on the split keyboard so satisfying it’s like kind of almost reminds you of the Blackberry days this is but it’s even better look how big that keyboard is so you can see just how blazingly bright this is like Mo needs to adjust his exposure to deal with it but mean sometimes that’s what I want all right maybe not all the time sometimes direct sunlight let’s jump over to YouTube and see how this thing does when it comes to Media consumption I really look at this as like the the premium media consumption device it’s a tablet that’s in your pocket it’s the biggest screen that you’re going to put in your pocket I mean that’s any folding device but primarily this one the fold series is the one that I have the most exposure to there’s a subconscious thing that goes on when you’re watching something on your phone where you’re like man I really you know you’re irritated you’re like I really wish I was watching this on a bigger screen you don’t get that same feeling or at least not as quickly when you’re on the internal display on the fold that has been the case it Remains the case on the latest iteration on the latest refinement speaker same thing like we’ve obviously got stereo performance there this reminds me that I missed the fold that’s what this reminds me of what which one are they leaving here will which one am I using which color do I [Music] so the flip for me is more about versatility maybe a little bit less about content consumption maybe a little bit more about content creation so in the camera mode here I mean minus the fact that we’re missing that one camera but in the camera mode we’ve still got two to choose from we have obviously our 6 we have our 1X and these are still creating I mean like look at this stuff beautiful usable images plenty of resolution to work with really nice display lots of bright briess here as well but of course the magic happens on the exterior display because there’s just so few phones that can do this so we lock right into the camera and now we have the ultimate selfie SL I’m shooting a video of myself machine you can see it’s kind of like having a cameraman and if I move a little bit to the side it moves out in order to fit me into the frame and so if Mo walks into frame it will realize we’re filming two people spots the side of his face and then now there’s a group in the frame and look if it’s it’s looking for that edge in order to fit the both of us plus you’ve got gestures built in so I can go ahead and lift my hand up 2 one photo and the other Beauty here is that we’re able to Monitor and frame up an image that will be eventually shot by the superior external camera whether it’s an image or video instead of an internal selfie equivalent we have an image that seems like somebody else took it cuz that’s the quality you’re getting with the exterior camera now I’m curious how the speakers are going to compare obviously in this case like one of the main drawbacks I would say is that the aspect ratio for watching video is worse it’s you’ve got this sort of long display productivity is fine when you split it in half you’re actually in many apps it’s going to recognize that and Orient things in such a fashion to utilize the fact that you have it split in half but when it comes to just watching straight up video it’s not going to be able to compete with the much larger internal display on the fold but again that’s not really the point of the flip the flip is Sleek the flip is something that you’re going to notice a lot less in your pocket obviously it’s a smaller overall package and it has some of that creative versatility as far as the folding is concerned and the ability to kind of be your AI cameraman all right so obviously there was a lot to cover in this video but I do want to quickly look at some of the other items that were announced today at least at the time that you’re watching this video there are new watches as well Galaxy watch 7 in a variety of colors and then without the retail packaging I have their new Ultra watch also the rugged Powerhouse version from Samsung we have some straps and we’ve also got new buds we have the Galaxy buds 3 and the buds 3 Pro the watch 7 is available in green either large or small however the cream color is small only the silver large only kind of interesting got a digital bezel and it’s made out of aluminum the large size comes in at 44 mm the small 40 it’s got an exos w1000 chip inside 2 gigs RAM and 32 gigs storage the battery which is capable of fast charging is 300 mahs and it’s got an ip68 rating for durability it’ll work with Android 8 or higher so you don’t need to pair it with a Samsung device any Android device will do the large one is 33.8 G and the small 28.9 the watch Ultra that I think you guys are going to be interested in it’s the new product line for them titanium gray titanium white or titanium silver and of course you can Speck it with the bright orange watch bag now this one is actually made out of grade 4 titanium so welcome Samsung to the titanium party it’s also got a digital bezel but it packs a quick button same chip inside exos w1000 2 gigs Ram 32 gig storage much bigger battery here 590 Mah still got fast charging it’s ip68 as well and Samsung States from 55° to 20° operating temperature that’s in Celsius and it’s also guaranteed to a high altitude of 9,000 M it’ll also run on Android 8 so you can pair it with your favorite Android device now let’s quickly go over the specs on the new buds the buds 3 available in silver or white they feature adaptive noise cancellation and you can adjust their EQ and you’ve got a bunch of other ways to interact including Force touch swiping there’s accelerometer built into the unit they’re 4.8 G now what about the buds 3 Pro also available in silver or white these ones offer an enhancement to the speaker unit these are two-way compared to the one-way single amp on the buds 3 they’ve also got adaptive noise cancelling you’ve got ambient mode which can set itself up based on your surroundings they’re also ip57 the battery inside the earbuds a little bit bigger at 50 Milah hours you got the same 500 mah hours on the charge case so plenty of new cool stuff from Samsung today I’m going to ask you guys the question one more time out of the new devices which one would you pick and why and also remember if you want to outfit it with one of the new later cases go check out the description for all the details on how to pick your favorite color and even if you don’t have one of these devices there’s probably a later case for you so head on over later and take a peek [Music]

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