CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course 220-801

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This is the Animated CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course 220-801 from PowerCert.

Topics Include:
Storage Devices: 0:23
Power Supply: 10:44
Motherboard Form Factor: 13:01
Motherboard I/O Interfaces: 18:36
Adapter / Expansion Cards: 26:39
RAM Slots: 34:35
Printers: 38:31
Cooling: 44:35
RAM: 50:23
CPU, Socket, Chipset: 1:02:38
Bus Slots: 1:19:25
PATA Interface: 1:25:09
Networking Cables & Connectors: 1:27:20
TCP/IP: 1:35:31
Well Known Ports: 1:44:36
TCP/IP Protocol Suites: 1:46:09
Wireless Networking: 1:53:18
Internet Access Technologies: 2:04:38
Types of Networks: 2:07:53
Network Components: 2:13:19
Networking Tools: 2:19:35
Input Devices & Peripherals: 2:22:01
Monitors: 2:29:44
BIOS/CMOS: 2:36:23
OS (Windows): 2:41:44
Windows Features: 2:50:48
RAID: 3:08:26
Safety & Tips: 3:13:04


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  1. Asteleus

    did you make all of the graphics or are they stock pictures/gifs i can find somewhere?
    Great video btw thanks

  2. Mike McCue

    You do a great job with these videos. I am a visual learner so these videos are great. I am trying to learn computers

  3. No Commentary

    How does the information in the video hold up and differ compared to the new 1001 and 1002 exams?

  4. Cass

    Thankyou so much for this video. I am looking at getting out of customer service and into IT. And i know almost nothing about computers.

  5. sujiths pillai

    You are extreme talent and it is amazing amazing…..thank you sir

  6. perti nieminen

    Hi Everyone, any idea if some one could please tell is there demand of this certification in European countries also.if yes then particularly in which!!!your advise will be highly regards

  7. Jarrod

    whats the difference between your 801 and your 901, is one an update over the other or sequential?

  8. Bobby

    Sir can you make a Video on “”CompTIA a+ 220 1001”” and “”CompTIA a+ 220 1002”” please….!!!!!!!

  9. humbllbug

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  10. Somskid21

    Should I get into college before this? That's what alot of colleges are telling me what I have to do.

  11. ars art

    I would ask you to set translation options in other languages for this video.
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Serguei Alonso

    could you make one video like this with the new material, you are an amazing comunicator thx you.

  13. azoms bd

    Hi, GoodAfternoon! Do you haven't the Comptia A+ (220-1001) exam couse
    vide, let me know please! Your video series are really
    non-paragonable!!! Thanks

  14. Banji

    anyone else get this recommended out of nowhere?

  15. Poes

    Am I the only one who watches this because it's interesting and not for the certificate?

  16. ari rauff

    please someone answear,i want to study comptia +a,so i read from different sources to cover it well,but why the number is different like here is 220-801 and your other video is 901-902 and for professor messor is 1001-1002 and all are the same<please someone help me which one to study

  17. Md. Jahid Hasan

    plz make a video about power supply. which type of power supply is perfect for which type of motherboard. how to recognize a perfect power supply for a motherboard. Thank you ………

  18. Saga

    What software do you use to create your videos? Adobe or something else?

  19. This course is amazing what a course thanks for all the videos you make!!

  20. Jah Mudunko

    Do you have an updated version of this information or a updated version of this video

  21. TheSkyhazFallen

    I wish you did the Comp 1001. This series is so straight to the point, along with the animation for better comprehension. Im a novice, so I got up to hard drives until I realized thia was a retired comp tia course. I checked out a popular it trainer on here, like nails on a chalkboard. Over complicated with a lot of extra jargon to confuse the hell out of a potential tech.
    Mister, your needed.

  22. Bitebo Numbere

    Nice video. Can you please manually upload (not auto-generated) english subtitles for this video. Thanks.

  23. I like your all videos related comptia a +, network + can you upload new video COMPTIA A + 1001 and 1002? Because I like your teaching method. Nice

  24. fsdfgasgfisd

    Windows 95 was the first successful commercial launch of Windows. Windows first launched in '87 to '89, called Windows 1. I have Windows 2 installed on my Playstation Portable aka "PSP". There was even Windows 3.1 NT that eventually became Windows 2000. Not to be confused with Windows Me which was MSDOS based. Xp and onward are all NT based.

  25. Ais Wanghin


  26. Hassan Said

    Thank you for all your animated videos. I followed you and your videos are very clear to understand.

    I would like to ask you if you could also organize videos lessons on Cyber Security+? I would appreciate you that much !

    Thank you !

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