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This is the Animated CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Video Course N10-006 from PowerCert.

Topics Include:
Intro: 00:00
Topologies: 00:08
Connectors: 7:49
Cable Standards: 15:50
Firewalls: 23:35
Wiring Standards: 30:38
Media Types: 34:03
Network Components: 39:26
Wireless Technologies: 51:32
MAC Address: 54:07
OSI Model: 55:30
IP Address: 59:46
Subnetting: 1:46:09
IP Addressing Methods: 1:16:56
TCP/IP Protocol Suites: 1:24:38
Ports: 1:37:30
Networking Services: 1:35:55
Routing Protocols: 1:47:36
WAN Technologies: 1:55:55
Network Types: 2:06:58
Remote Access Protocols & Services: 2:12:09
Authentication Protocols: 2:19:34
Networking Tools & Safety: 2:23:03
Cloud & Virtualization: 2:35:04
Wiring Distribution: 2:45:24
VLAN & Intranet / Extranet: 2:49:44
Optimization & Fault Tolerance: 2:52:34
Security Protocols: 3:03:45
SOHO Routers: 3:07:26
Network Utilities: 3:19:22
Networking Issues: 3:32:13
Troubleshooting Steps: 3:41:52

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  1. Hey! I'm a student right now studying for my CCNA and I am making configuration videos. I just posted my first video today and would love for some of you guys to check my channel out! Thanks

  2. abusolo_

    What is the use of compTIA network+ ?

  3. marcello42

    If all devices are connected to a HUB it is also a BUS topology NOT a star. Having this big of a false info in the very beginning is not really that good.

  4. Allanep9 Gaming

    I have been watching your channel for a while, and when my school announced they were offering this class, I signed up because of some of the videos you posted. Today, after my "orientation", if you want to call it that, I opened my YouTube app, and this popped up. My confidence in passing this course and gaining my certification shot through the roof.

  5. Neil Vinod

    I stopped the video when he said that most modems today are 56k… thn I realised this was for 006 😔

  6. TruckerLee

    Eventually YouTube will put school out of business

  7. Nazar Dubyk

    @PowerCert Animated Videos please add subtitle in English!!!!!!

  8. Nugroho

    What a great videos, Thanks for your effort to share this Mate

  9. Philippe Trahan

    Keeping graphics simple yet intuitive and explanations that necessary without trying to be gullible to the next man on the street is the best way to teach it or i'm just your target audience I guess. Anyways, thanks for this high quality material !

  10. Raza Ullah

    How I Downloade the certificate because I watched and learn a lot of for this channel.. Now how I could download the certificate there is no option of getting certificate

  11. Forge beatz

    You are amazing man!! Thanks for your videos.🙌

  12. Michael Jones

    Love this Channel, Love the Wear I.T. shirts. I had an idea for a Yottabyte but like Yoda biting something and yobibyte like Yogi Bear biting something. one with a bigger bite than the other. or maybe a question mark… or kirby for kibi bite. or a combination of them Like kirby byte megabyte yoda byte yogi bite… just a thought. either way I love the Channel. I just thought of tela tebi byte…

  13. Ema Begum

    Ethernet over powerline, can I use it in a building from 5th floor to 2nd floor? Is that possible? Do I need 2 network adapter? 19:22

  14. Ema Begum

    Congratulations in advance for 1M subscribers🙌💯😊🥳

  15. Can't stay calm. May the almighty bless you for me sir.
    A baby student into the networking field. I've been battling with understanding networking until I finished watching this video now.
    I'm more equipped, encouraged, optimistic and so heart full with joy. More grace

  16. Paul P

    change the playback speed to 1.5x to watch this in half the length of the video

  17. Halcyon Rain

    35:58 This is a mistake, right? I thought 6a has a maximum length of 300 meters. I'm a networking professional, albeit new to the field.

  18. Leisure Muffin

    This was all part of my A+ studying though. Is the test really that easy after you pass your A+?

  19. PhrankTube

    The formula 2^n -2 is used for calculating the number of hosts in a given subnet . . . . . where n is the number of binary digits for the given host. The formula is not used for calculating the number of subnets created by moving the network one binary digit to the right. The number of possible hosts doubles every time one borrows a binary digit from the host. I am looking at "CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam N10-008" by Mike Meyers – Page 201. Just thought I should clear this up because the way the formula is being used here is, I believe, erroneous and misleading for Network Administrators and exam students who might see this video. If I am wrong, please let me know; wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. Your videos are so outstanding . . . . I positively love the work you are doing. Please keep it up.

  20. RedPillMale

    Hey guys, I'm turning 38…. I've built a few computers over my life, but I haven't made that leap to making tech a job for me. What do you think? Am I too old?

  21. Sli

    Is there an updated version of this?

  22. Hassan Said

    Thank you for all your animated videos. I followed you and your videos are very clear to understand.

    I would like to ask you if you could also organize videos lessons on Cyber Security+? I would appreciate you that much !

    Thank you !

  23. 0600hrs Gaming

    Sir! You just earned yourself another subscriber, thank you for this animated lesson on networking

  24. Cecilia Kuo

    So media types are different cables , am I right?

  25. Sabina Hasanova

    You are genius and we all appreciate what you do! Thank you so much!

  26. DeityBnB

    I am confused on subnetting portion. All other information regarding number of subnetworks being made when borrowing bits does not show needing subtracting two. So 3 bits would be 8 and 4 would be 16 and so on.. is the subtracting two suppose to be regarding supported hosts?

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