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Core i9 MacBook Pro – After the Patch

Supplementary patch for the 2018 MacBook Pro Laptops was released. Does this finally makes it the best laptop from Apple?
MBP 15 –
Original review –

They had thermal issues with their new 15″ Core i9 Laptop and this patch addresses it for Premiere Pro.

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  1. andrea vorname

    One question. If it had this problem and they solved 'now' how they were able to say that the i9 mac was faster than the old one ? They did no test at all ? Just lying…

  2. Sam Perceval

    Very Informative
    Truth Unfolding
    Honored to have encountered so many inspiring minds
    All these things will burn away so soon
    What we create out of what we consume
    I want to build a better world

    What curious little box wants to join for the adventure?

    THICC BOIS Looks like they're gonna eat a lot of sand
    MacBook so sexy though
    If I just buy a desktop, it's like I'm from the future
    Thank The Goodness for the humans inside them, cuz these machines are so… heartless
    Desktop's gonna get struck by lightning for sure, it has to be portable!
    The machine!
    ( the machine )

  3. I was buying dell XPS 15 2018, and used only 2 days, the sound for this money is shit, it's like a shaking body of laptop and u hear stupid sound. Display is really really nice UHD, but the noise fan, it's not correct, and I had 6 times blue screen and some error. So today I bring laptop back to the shop, I was very disappointed with Dell laptops.

  4. Lorenzo Tomei

    Hi guys
    Did anyone know what cover for the macbook pro is he using ?? and also where to buy it …

  5. Steven Lin

    I skipped this high sierra 10.13.6 update and went directly to the mojave 10.14.
    Will I still have the thermal issue?

  6. Sierra Huang

    Personally I think they should bring back the 17' MacBook and put the i9 CPU into it, and put an extra heat sink and fan to help with the thermal issue. plus a real 4K display.

  7. Michal Wiktorow

    Well, what about results? Huh? What about laptops 'in-between' … Lenovo P52 anybody? Ehhhh

  8. Alk

    I hope you all realize that if you don't care about quietness of the MacBook Pro just use Macs Fan Control and ramp the fans all the way up.

  9. Kha

    Hey Dave, excellent review!
    I was wondering how is the fan noise on the 2018 MacBook Pro 15" i9 in general and when connected to a monitor in your experience? That's the main factor making me hesitant and keeping me tied to my old MacBook right now. Thanks!

  10. casswood

    Waaaaaaaaaa! Macbook Pros don't defy the laws of physics and thermodynamics and they SHOULD! WAAAAAAAA! And grown adults who know this in advance still buy them because they like them! They're tards!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  11. mazen bira

    I was going to buy i9 2018 but do u think it's worth it to wait tell 2019 they might fix this issue
    Or should I buy the I7 dose have any issues
    What do u think Dave

  12. Venkat Shourie

    what would you suggest me, new macbook air or 2018 13 inch macbook pro ?? Dave?

  13. Richard Nicolas

    Dave lee on apple's website they now have radeon vega graphics card for the macbook pro available in late november 2018. how much do u think apple will charge for this?

  14. Leonardo Bialek

    I think you should delete the other video, now that it’s resolved

  15. Lalux Nine

    I’m very leery about 2018 MacBook Pros, had the option to buy one, shot it down and bought an HP Omen that was on sale…

  16. Lalux Nine

    And please Apple, give us more ports back than just tho damn c type ports…

  17. Elrico Greenwood

    Hi Dave Lee ! Will you recommend this New 2018 Macbook pro for Architectural work purposes . Which one do you advise and recommend between the 13" Macbook pro 2018 or 15 Macbook pro 2018? And which configurable specs would be suitable for architectural work?

  18. Dylan Mouton

    Dave I been following this situation with the new MacBooks of 2018. In Namibia where I am from they are N$ 25 000 which is crazy and I have been looking for a Macbook to buy or as a sponsorship for my studies. In your personal opinion I am starting my own YouTube channel and Instagram page about tech and men’s grooming. I will be doing this as I have seen that there are not a lot of Namibians that YouTube because we don’t get recognized. I would like to start my own channel and therefore wanted to ask if you do giveaways of MacBooks which I can use as my startup as I don’t have a laptop at the moment. I would be grateful if you replied my message.

  19. Karan

    Do I need to install the patch if I am on Mojave?

  20. Rusydi Rosli

    can u make a video with 60fps? 30fps look like i want to hear ur voice only… with 60fps.. its look smoothly… hope

  21. electonictronic

    When classic designer-engineer fight ends up in the engineer’s slavery – APPLE

  22. Zain Fadhil

    I heard problem still there when on bootcamp windows.

  23. Vusal Ganboyzada

    Apple is not doin great with building reliable machines these days, but listening to a youtuber and fixing their product to be a great performer kinda proofs that Apple is much more accessible than rivals. Accessibility is key for a better product. Still shame on them to not having made a reliable macbook since 2016

  24. JesusLovesYou

    My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  25. कैसे कह दूँ कि मेरी…..
    हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई ।
    मैं जब जब भी रोया….
    मेरे guru जी को खबर हो गई ।।

  26. David Heiblum

    Google Sheep's note to you Dave Lee: That's good that Apple finally fix the heating issue with the recent 2018 Macbook pro laptop computer with a software patch instead of a "hardware" patch. That heating issue could be much worse before the software update is being released by Apple. I still didn't see any heating issues with my already experienced Acer 14 Chromebook laptop computer and my current Dell 13 model Chromebook laptop computer so far. I had confidence that many Google Chromebook laptop computers regardless of its computer brand had installed processors that don't produce as much heat as the recent 2018 Macbook Pro model laptop computer with the installed 8th generation Intel i9 processor.

  27. Greuh

    So is the thermal throttling issue finally fixed? Thinking of getting a refurb 2018 MBP i9 2.9ghz for music production but I keep reading issues everywhere.

  28. Boby D

    so quiet that the don't care to burn himself

    understandable and have a nice day.

  29. ashokkrishna v

    I bought recently I'm feeling so much heating issue I cant even type.

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