Create a Ping tool right on Windows Home Screen

In this video, we will show you how to create a ping tool on the Windows 11 home screen.

Thank you for watching and we hope this tutorial helps you create a ping tool on your Windows 11 home screen.

Ping Tool
ASUS Monitor 27” 1080P

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  1. @simonlch

    It's a great tool that will serve me well on a daily basis, and the videos on rainmetters are brilliant! You must continue, thank you very much

  2. @simonlch

    Hi! This is a great tool you've developed, I noticed there was a small display bug, nothing too serious, I was wondering if you were going to fix it in the future?

    Here's what I noticed:

    – When a machine no longer responds, the graph no longer updates when the machine responds to the ping again.

  3. @akashmillan5426

    can you please make a video to display their IP address on desktop screen whenever they open the system. please

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