Create A Restore Point with ONE Click

Create A Restore Point with ONE Click

Lossless VS Lossy Video Compression

System restore points are very useful to roll your computer back to a time when it was working correctly. Whether you are having computer problems after doing windows update or installing a program or driver and now the PC is not working properly, system restore can put your system back to a working state before the windows update or installation of a driver or program.

Here is the code.

cmd.exe /k “Wmic.exe /Namespace:\rootdefault Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint “%DATE%”, 100, 7″

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Greg Cranham

    Thank you Brian – really useful and worked straight away 🙂 Great 🙂

  2. Aj

    Great video to show……………….Nice!

  3. Marniespeaks

    very strange when I go to search restore I get windows 7 restore, yet my computer is windows 10, 1607 build

  4. Eric Nielsen

    Hi Brian ! I am just curious as to where you find the beautiful backgrounds you have! Best regards from Eric (now a dual citizen) in Denmark

  5. Raju Ar

    Hi could you make a video about excel spreadsheet how does it works?

  6. Jim Hester

    Great idea, Brian. It will make it a lot easier to have the self discipline to always create one before making any changes or installations. Is it possible to build a prompt into the cmd so you can name the point you're making?

  7. Geo Sam

    Couldn't one just paste this command into CMD (as admin), to achieve the same results?

  8. Sid Cannon

    Nice one Brian, great for family or friends who don't know much about computers.

  9. MrXwolfbane

    Can I create a system restore on the storage I have on the pc or do I need a external hard drive

  10. greg20711

    Brian, the register screen of your forum is not secure. Is it still safe to use?

  11. curtis riersgard

    im having an issue were windows 10 is using 56% of my memory even though i have nothing open on my pc can u please help

  12. Blue dragon

    Brian, for some reason this is not working in win 10 Pro?

  13. iFlyNoosa

    thanks brian, but do you know of a way to prevent defrag program from deleting/moving restore points ? i run a boot defrag once a week after which all restore points are gone

  14. Deepak Singh

    Can you help me how can we convert disk dynamic to basic safely?

  15. JB

    Brilliant, Brian.

  16. Dimpie - JIGSAW

    Cool, but is there no way to get the CMD window to "auto-close" after execution ?

  17. Lawrie Dunn

    Absolute genius Brian. Keep these brilliant videos coming.
    Definitely one of the best tech sites, not just on the interweb, but anywhere!

  18. abdi amin

    Thanks but I have request I need pretty intro vedio like bretic hiting the wall

  19. walkabout16

    VirtualBox and the virtual machine makes it all easy, even if the PC gets inundated with viruses or you get locked out with syskey you can return to the last working clean machine with just a few clicks and it all works very quick.

  20. Steve Salem

    Love your video tips. I'm a subscriber. Advanced PC user. But this shortcut is not working for me. Not sure why. Windows 10 1803. The cmd runs successfully. but no restore point created.

  21. MrMaxhthc

    Hello, can i make 2 of this icons with different dates?

  22. Yojimbo San

    August 16, 2018. This short cut worked in the beginning but now no longer works. It indicates that it did create a restore point but when I checked restore points, it had not created anything.

  23. Asad Ansari

    how to open hidden files from notepad open fipe option

  24. Ibrahim Daruwala


  25. James Ebola

    I can easily create restore points. Unfortunately windows 10 deletes them minutes later, I believe by design.


    Please help me then i go to restore point and find window C is off how to on please please reply me 😭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  27. Nanda Kishore

    Its working succesfully, but if I want to exceute it for second time how can I do that. Its showing C:windowssystem32>

  28. Great, it works, but my retore points since the last feature update have been small (MB's not GBS) and disappearing quickly within 24 hours. Nothing seems t fix this. Please help, signed new subscriber.

  29. Eric C

    I tried this with Windows 11. It works for a while and then days later, clicking on the icon results in an error message that states that Wmic is not a command. Bummer. I was enjoying this as a new feature.

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