Creating a Football Poster Inspired by Jude Bellingham

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Learn how to create a striking football poster inspired by the talented athlete Jude Bellingham in this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial. Discover the art of designing posters and editing football images in Photoshop with this easy-to-follow guide. Whether you’re a sports fan, a design enthusiast, or simply looking to enhance your Photoshop skills, this tutorial is perfect for you. Watch now and unleash your creativity with this Jude Bellingham inspired poster design tutorial!
[Music] so first things first I head over to Pinterest and I’m going to want to download a picture of Jude Bingham and I think I’m going to go with this one right here view image now that it’s loaded I’m just going to go ahead and save the image save images let’s see [Music] save now I will go back and look for another picture of D Bellingham because I really want to use two photos in this design and I think this one will be cool now I’m basically just bringing in my images in Photoshop that’s all now my images are set I’m just going to go ahead and hide these layers now I can begin with my design so I’m going to grab my text to right here and I’m going to type in a text layer new text layer like so I just want like now we begin our letter portrait and first I have J for Jude now I’m going to go ahead and bringing this one just unhide it and remove the background now we’ve got our background removed I’m just going to Simply scale this man a little bit down commit make my J to show again place this layer above the J like so we’re going to scale this one down a little bit moreit and bring down the J scale up the J now and it’s a little bit too big now that’s fine right now I’m going to duplicate this layer Control G on my keyboard now I’m going to click and mask this like so the first one then the second one I’m simply going to wipe it off I select my brush tool and increase the size and simply erase this ones that I don’t need and that’s how I do it so now make sure to just kind of uh link the layers I have to link these two layers together or these three layers together like so that way I can move all of them together around the screen I link it now it’s looking fine so far now with this image of Jud Bingham in the background I kind of just want to cre a gradient map with the colors of vland Select overlay I kind of change the gradi up now we have this is not looking the way I wanted to look exactly so I’m going to turn down the fu a lot more a whole lot more it’s actually satisfying for me so far so good but I think this J Bingham picture I turned on the f a whole lot turn it up a little bit and I’m going to Simply come over to filter and add a go blur okay turn it down a little bit now that looks just fine now over to this image of dude Bingham the one in front so I’m going to turn up the quality of the picture in camera R fter okay so now we in camera R filter and what I want to do is over here my color mixer I want to remove this on wanted color I don’t know I need it take it all out now I’m going to want to go back to effects and turn up the texture turn on the clarity as well turn it up now we have that and then I’m going to go back to light I want to increase my exposure a little bit and my highlights meanwhile I’ve turned down this yellows a lot let me add it again Ben’s face looks white now that’s not all I’m going to head over to detail and increase the sharpening and also the noise reduction I need it smooth okay that’s a little bit too much so after doing our adjustments you can now see how our D Bingham picture looks and we are getting there so I just grabbed this overly place it above sty and try to just make it look nice and this is just me removing it from some parts of here skin I don’t like it so empty okay so now this is basically how far we have gone added some noise in this color F linear Dodge add and I brushed over J Bingham I’m still going to add another layer I’ll just contr J duplicate this one and I’ll delete this create a new mask and I’ll invert it now this color I’m going to change it to White yeah we already have linear Dodge add this is for Rim light I just keep brushing over the edges like so so now this white rim light also helps remove all of this at the edge you see that black kind of things and here we go just keep adding it there isn’t much light here so I’ll just come back inside here and there you go so now over here I’m going to adjust my blending options just so it kind of fits well and on the line lay I’ll split this a little bit you can observe so that the highlights look more real now that’s okay now you see what we have that’s not all one last thing over to our letter J first off I’m going to add a stroke as the stroke is kind of important in what we want to do and that size is just about okay then I’m going to go over to bever and emboss and over here I’ll choose stroke OSS is already set and add the depth so now I’m bringing in the Euro 2024 logo because that’s what the challenge is about and I’m going to place it at the center right here now I need this to be white so I’m just going to kind of cut down here I’ll move it down a little bit the selection okay contrl J duplicate that and on this new lay I’ve duplicated I’m going to add a color overlay and quickly change it to White now there you go so now I’m going to link this two layers because I don’t want them to move finally the last I’m going to add a text layer and I’m writing Bingham okay so far everything is looking cool but then I’ll change this font and I’ll use this uh philosophy font I think you can use any font that is similar for you this is what I’m going to use right at the center and I’m going to scale this up a little bit and it looks cool so finally this is what we have

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