CSS Crash Course Tutorial

In this video we will cover everything you need to know to get up and running with CSS in just over 20 minutes.

We will cover CSS syntax, how to add CSS to your HTML, CSS colors, CSS units, the box model, and best practices for CSS walking through a full example of CSS being used to style an HTML page. By the end of this video you will know enough about CSS to style any basic web pages in your own projects!

Tutorial created by Web Dev Simplified. Check out their channel for more great content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFbNIlppjAuEX4znoulh0Cw

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  1. Thanks Free Code Camp for featuring my video on CSS. If anyone has any questions about anything covered in this video please let me know, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
    Again, thank you Free Code Camp.

  2. salv236

    thanks for sharing i was told that using * {property: value;} is bad practice and that to use either html or root

  3. J_Net Reloaded

    when using css to make buttons how do I make it run a function when pressed? it never works for me!?!?

  4. Jose Pagan

    I have spent a few months to learn Javascript, I totally forgot my CSS, this video is perfect to refresh my knowledge!

  5. taariqq

    Nice little presentation that one can keep for reference for css basics

  6. ooo ooo

    IDs are used when you want to test your software with say Selenium or alike or when you want to structure your page. Of course you can use other selectors using XPath but ID just identify an element simply.

    You forgot the > selector which means direct child selector div > p selects p elements into a div which are directly descending <div><span><p>… for instance is not selected. There are others but I think this one could have been told about.

    There is certainly more to tell but in 20mn it is a fair amount of data. For the rest there are references. W3school being a good one.

  7. Manuel Villegas

    Damn, I read a whole book on css. I regret not going on youtube for this video haha. Great content and explanation!

  8. Hamid

    Bro how you did the animation at start of video?

  9. JP

    im taking classes on udemy for front end development right now and these videos are fantastic to watch before i go into an analogous course so i have an idea of what's going on. Thank you!!


    position:sticky not working in nested table with overflow: scroll

  11. Archirno

    Learning CSS for personal interest and most likely using it to develop a website from scratch. It provides more flexibility than using those web builders that u need to pay in order to remove the watermark from your web link

  12. Jay Braun

    took HTML and CSS in high school and college almost 10 years ago, your videos are very helpful with refreshing my memories and helping me get back into what I enjoy doing without retaking class courses haha!

  13. Rahul Roy

    Awesome tutorial ❤️. It is helping me so much. Thank you👍

  14. Daniel Petrov

    Thanks for this great video! I decided to broaden my horizons by adding knowledge required for Full Stack positions to my memory, this is why I watched your video.

  15. Jhonby Dimanche

    No offense but that first 9 mins was boring. I think it would be more educational to do the second part (coding) then do the first 9 mins.

  16. ninjoe

    haha jokes on you i already subsccribed

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