You are currently viewing CSS Variables / Custom Properties (full course)

CSS Variables / Custom Properties (full course)

CSS Custom Properties (aka Variables) bring the power of variables to CSS, which results in less repetition, better readability and more flexibility. Originally posted on Scrimba:

When viewing the Scrimba version of this course, you can pause the video and start directly editing the code from the video. Then you can see changes in real-time.

View the code & take the course on Scrimba here:


⌨️ Why learn CSS Variables (0:00)
⌨️ How to create your first CSS Variable (3:12)
⌨️ Overriding CSS Variables (8:15)
⌨️ Local variables (11:00)
⌨️ Creating Themes with CSS Variables (15:31)
⌨️ Changing variables with JavaScript (17:21)
⌨️ Responsiveness and CSS Variables (21:13)
⌨️ Inheritance (26:12)

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  1. Arkv01

    very good bitesize course, especially using css variables in JS. Thanks!

  2. M K

    Great distilled knowledge – thanks for this one 🙏🏼

  3. Spaarwiel

    Some on the text on the bottom is cut off.

  4. Niten Sapkota

    You should watch your videos before uploading..some code aren't visible especially at the bottom

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