Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker – Review

I’ve had my Cuisinart Bread Machine for 2 years and I’ve made 50-60 loaves. Find out what I like, dislike, and whether it’s even worth buying.

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In this video, learn about the following:
– Crust settings
– Loaf size settings
– Delay start options
– Why I originally bought a bread maker.
– The difference between the CBK-100 and the CBK-200
– Pricing
– Recipes

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Filmed in Seattle, Washington.


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  1. Brenda Jerles

    I have the Cuisinart 200. I can deal with the mixing issues, I take a small spatula/scraper and push the flour from the corners to the center. But mine bakes too dark. I tried the light setting and it baked darker than the medium. Is there a setting I can change? If I am around, I can take it out early but if not, then it will be burnt.

  2. SpartanCaptain

    The audio cuts make this video basically unwatchable. So loud and uneven. No idea how someone making it could have thought that was a good idea.

  3. Michelle Somma

    Fresh baked bread should rest for 2 hours to set the gluten. Also cut off the heel and replace it on the cut end to keep fresher.

  4. Ginger Solberg

    I loved it, took my fear away about my first attempt at bread man. Except How come you didn't show how to remove the paddles.


    Dude turn down the music volume .. i about jumped out of my skin.

  6. Aziz Medetov

    advice for next video show yourself less and let us see more what we want to see(in this video bread maker)

  7. Sheila Key

    Best video I have seen on the tips on the CBK 200. Can not get a dome?

  8. Kathy Fann

    Thank You I just ordered one I absolutely appreciate your review

  9. Terrie Wiese

    We bought one. We used it for about 6 months. The pan just pops in. Well now when the mixing starts, the pan pops out.
    We have bought a new bread machine, a different kind, this new one, the pan locks in the base. We like fresh bread without all of the preservatives and additives.

  10. jk co

    Great video. Not one part wasn't helpful or insightful.


    2017 : Making Bread
    2021 : Reviewing cloud services

  12. Asian Angel M.

    Thank you for the review. I bought this at a thrift store today. I'm looking forward to trying it.

  13. Joan Smith

    Thanks for your view, but dam, that music. Next time KEEP IT OFF!!

  14. Groot

    The end of this a little corny

  15. Can we substitute dry milk with something else?
    I kind of disagree with that industry…

  16. Jules Prasada

    I just found a used CBK200 never been used for $10.00 . Came with booklet as well.. Yay. I'm so thankful for your video. I've been wanting a bread maker but would never purchase it new because it's something most people buy but never use and turn it over to charity. Breadmakers are like the norditrac of the kitchen 🤣🤣
    But I'm glad there are helpful hints like why bother removing the paddle .

  17. 1943Grandpa

    Third use the gear on the bottom of the pan fell off. Junk!

  18. Follow Me

    Use the Pause button to scrape down the sides

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