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We provide a small introduction to cybersecurity, followed by explainers regarding the career scope in this domain and the job roles offered. After covering a few cybersecurity skills, we will learn about ethical hacking and network masking techniques like VPNs and Proxies. Further, we delve into various attacks like DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting with live demonstrations that you can carry out on your own system for practice. After learning a bit more about the different cyberattacks, we will learn about cryptography, covering topics like encryption, famous algorithms like RSA and AES, and hashing algorithms like the SHA256 algorithm. Next, we look at the Linux-based operating systems you can use for ethical hacking, like Kali Linux and Parrot security, further diving into some of the tools cybersecurity analysts use to secure their systems. Finally, we cover the industry’s most well-known certifications, followed by a series of interview questions to prepare you for your first job in cybersecurity.

00:00:00 Cyber Security Full Course 2023
00:01:47 What is Cyber Security
00:07:32 Top 10 reasons to learn cybersecurity
00:18:00 Cyber security Career – Jobs and Salary
00:35:19 What is ethical hacking
00:42:12 Top 5 ethical hacking tools
00:54:10 What is VPN?
01:03:31 What is Tor browser?
01:17:43 What is a firewall?
01:22:10 What is Ransomware?
01:26:34 What is malware?
01:34:44 What is SQL Injection?
01:57:37 What is Phishing?
02:31:38 What is a DDoS Attack?
02:49:47 What is a Brute Force Attack?
03:06:44 What is a Botnet?
03:11:12 What is a keylogger?
03:25:58 Pegasus Spyware
03:34:15 Solarwinds Attack
03:38:55 What is Cyberwar?
03:43:46 Top 10 Cyberattacks
04:03:22 What is Network Security?
04:14:38 What is Cryptography?
04:34:36 Symmetric Key Cryptography
05:10:29 Asymmetric Key Cryptography
05:35:44 What is Hashing?
06:04:27 How do hackers crack your passwords?
06:14:14 How to create a strong password?
06:22:28 To Know If Your Computer Is Hacked
06:29:02 How To Keep WhatsApp Safe From Hackers?
06:38:04 What Is Kali Linux? Kali Linux Installation
07:03:15 What Is Parrot Security OS? Parrot Security Installation
07:24:14 Kali Linux vs Parrot OS: Which Is Best For Hacking?
07:36:23 Nmap Tutorial For Beginners
08:07:26 Ubuntu vs Debian 2022: Which One Should You Choose?
08:22:34 What Is Intrusion Detection System (IDS)?
08:32:49 What Is Identity and access management (IAM)?
08:41:13 Cyber Security Certifications
09:00:59 Highest Paying Cyber security Jobs and Roles
09:10:29 Cybersecurity Interview questions and answers

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