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This video, *Data Scientist vs Software Engineer* is all about the difference between data science and software engineering in the aspects of salary, stages, processing, and career path to becoming a data scientist and software engineer.

✅00:00 – Data Scientist vs Software Engineer(start)

✅ 01:16 – What is Data Science?
This phase of the video covers the definition of data science.

✅03:30-Career path to become a Data Scientist
This part of the video covers the subjects needed to become a data scientist.

✅04:20-What is Software Engineering?
This phase of the video covers the .definition of software engineering.

✅05:18-Career path to become a Software Engineer
This phase of the video covers the fields needed to become a Software Engineer.

✅06:30 -Difference between a data scientist and software engineering
This part of the video classifies data scientist and software engineering based on different factors.

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Data scientists operate in many different industries. Each has a distinct role to play in issue-solving and calls for specialist skills. These professions include data preparation, mining, modeling, and model management. Data scientists take raw data and turn it into a wealth of information that provides answers to questions for companies looking for solutions to their problems.

Software engineering is a comprehensive study of engineering applied to software design, development, and maintenance. Software engineers use a variety of programming languages and tools to design, test, and deploy software solutions.

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