Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners

Learn common data structures and algorithms in this tutorial course. You will learn the theory behind them, as well as how to program them in JavaScript.

⭐️ Contents (link to code after title) ⭐️
⌨️ Stacks (00:21)
⌨️ Sets (09:03)
⌨️ Queues & Priority Queues (19:24)
⌨️ Binary Search Tree (26:03)
⌨️ Binary Search Tree: Traversal & Height (39:34)
⌨️ Hash Tables (53:19)
⌨️ Linked List (1:03:04)
⌨️ Trie (1:14:59)
⌨️ Heap (max and min) (1:27:29)
🔗 Heap visualization:
⌨️ Graphs: adjacency list, adjacency matrix, incidence matrix (1:42:07)
⌨️ Graphs: breadth-first search (1:46:45)

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  1. bno uk

    15:31 difference need to repeat the add part for the other set. A and B difference is not just A not in B as in the code, but also B not in A.

  2. Dheeraj Rajput

    Is it enough for getting job in big mnc company as a mern stack developer??
    Please reply someone??

  3. Jitendra Vairagi

    I have doubt for the difference() function for Set. Will it include those values which are in other set but not in first set?

  4. Wasi Spartan

    can anyone explain how this function recursion works in this function, how left function call and right function call inside function works and provide us 1 or 2 for unbalanced and balanced tree.. It will be great help if someone explains as I was not able to understand with explanation on this video. Duration of the content after 46:00

    findminheight(node = this.root)


    if(node == null)


    return -1


    let left = this.findminheight(node.left);

    let right = this.findminheight(node.right);

    if(left < right)


    return left + 1;




    return right + 1;



  5. Emmanuel Chukwu

    The difference of sets algorithm only works when the shorter set is passed into the function because you use the first set to check for difference. That’s not proper because in real cases, you don’t know exactly what’s in the sets.

    Set1 = [2,3]
    Set2 = [3,5,6,7]

    In your implementation,

    set1.difference(set2) returns [2]
    Set2.difference(set1) returns [2,5,6,7]

    Shouldn’t you test which set is longer and then use it to check for the difference?

    If you implement it that way,

    set1.difference(set2) returns [2,5,6,7]
    Set2.difference(set1) returns [2,5,6,7]


  6. Malik Suleman

    How rword will have the reverse order of the word. can antbody explain please

  7. S Shyam

    at min 38:25, what if the child were 0 instead of 4? Wouldn't it be violating the rules of the BST, since the node containing 0 would have left child greater than 0 (1)

  8. Hugo Moreira

    that was fun af never imagine I could understand that

  9. I didn't really expected to understand this, but now I finally am able to really understand these concepts! Thank you very much!…

    One important message to all of the people who are trying to understand or having difficulties in understanding this:
    Don't give up, try to clear the basics first, see some videos about Object oriented Programming and practice some functional programming, you'll be able to imagine everything in terms of objects and arrays in javascript, this will help you understand this better! Make sure to watch a few videos and study a few articles before watching this video if you don't understand some of the concepts like BST, LL, etc…Just don't give up!

  10. Gaurav Mall

    Great lesson Mo, A minor correction In BST example though (video at 36:56)…. Since BST is always sorted, node "23" can never have a right linking to a lesser value (in this case "19"). In this scenario value "19" should not be there at all. Also, removal of node in BST can be revisited. The replaced value should be the max of the subtree (so 23 can be safely treated as a new node to be replaced in left subtree for your scenario) . Happy Coding!

  11. Genesis Barrios

    great tutorial man! one comment, the bst delete is missing something. what if the value to replace the 17 is on the left and not the right. we need to recursively search here too?

  12. Anna

    This is why I will probably never become a programmer. I just can't watch a 1h52min video staying focused. Just the length of this video is so demotivating for me. 😮‍💨

  13. P Z

    I'm going through this course and I just can't speak enough of the efforts and quality of these videos. Beau is an amazing instructor!! And thanks again for putting this together.

  14. Franca O

    Good teachers dont copy and paste code. Teach every bit of the code u are typing that's best way to teach. Nonetheless thanks for the effort that's why I gave a like.

  15. Duane Michals

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  16. Alex Motor

    Why do you need a heap to sort numbers when you can just use the array prototype sort and pass in a function that returns a – b

  17. Chiahao Chou

    @36:39 Why do we need to go node.right? And then node.left? Can anyone provide an explanation?

  18. Danny

    What keyboard and mouse are you using?
    the sounds are really nice 🙂

  19. Lyricisssongs

    pop OOOF 🤣😂😂😂 every time you said that made me more focused on the topic, Thanks Beuau

  20. allen zhang

    May I know about which IDE or interactive coding website is used in this course?

  21. Berkay Gürcan

    Can you improve the video quality? Or can you make a new video?

  22. Jonathan Agusa

    This video is obviously not for beginners. Nice video though, cheers

  23. x

    this is a great video! I really needed this. Typing the code out as you explain it can be helpful for retention and slowing down when you do write the code. Similar to your python and SQL videos.

  24. Ronal Boruah

    You should code and show instead! and tell at that time the flow

  25. Blank Lines

    Excellent! This is just the coding video i needed right now 🙂


    I am 26 . Should I learn coding and can I get the job in software industry..

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