Dave2D – Q&A 2017

Dave2D Q&A. Thanks for submitting questions and for spending the time to watch my stuff =)
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  1. Dave2D

    Thanks for being an awesome audience. You've make this YouTube adventure something really special for me =)

  2. Filip Krawczyk

    0:23 What do you do for a living besides YouTube?
    0:48 Besides tech is there any other stuff you'd like to make videos about?
    0:59 You do 2D game development, so what have you made?
    1:31 What do you use to make animations in your vids?
    1:47 Do you use a laptop or a desktop primarily?
    1:57 How do you balance a YouTube channel, work and personal life?
    2:07 How do you spin laptops on one finger?
    2:25 Why do you use macOS? (also "Are you related to MKBHD?")
    3:08 Would you ever do a behind the scenes of a laptop review?
    3:14 Have you ever been to Malaysia?
    3:23 Tips for new tech channel?
    4:37 What's your favorite Overwatch character?
    4:50 What's your favorite non-tech item you own?
    5:02 How do you keep things so clean? Do you have a lot of storage or live minimally?
    5:24 XPS 15 2017 or x360 15?
    5:30 Will eGPUs take off this year?
    6:05 What does your daily schedule look like?
    6:37 Daily drivers?
    6:57 What's your education?
    7:10 Best beginner camera for starting YouTube channel?
    7:21 Did you get a GH4 specifically for YouTube or something else?
    8:04 What do you eat for breakfast?
    8:10 Where are you from?
    8:29 What were you doing before becoming full-time YouTuber?
    8:42 Pancakes or waffles?
    9:02 Favorite new game? Favorite classic game?
    9:20 Specs of your hackintosh?
    9:27 What's your go-to Tim Horton's order?
    9:34 What's the story behind the "2D" in the channel name?
    9:45 What's the best way to learn video editing?
    9:51 What would be your perfect laptop?
    10:06 Favorite non-tech YouTubers?
    10:17 Do you have a girlfriend?
    10:24 How's the switch to RED going? Did you color the RED symbol teal yourself?

  3. c0c0nutbeans

    I have been binging his videos on the day I have an essay due.

  4. Lin V

    Weird to know my man dave's mom is half chinese and half burmese bc I am half chinese and burmese.

  5. Alfa.

    me at 3 am :
    YouTube : hEya WanNa SeE tHis dUde's 3 yeArs oLd VidEo?

  6. Alex Yuan

    Anyone know what is the music for the outro called?

  7. SpectralDragon

    " A thin and light six core -maybe eight core CPU laptop"

    Asus Zephyrus G14: let me introduce myself 3 years late.

  8. D C

    Although there are no bad Zelda games, I didn't like A Link to the Past as much when I played it as an adult.

  9. ARK Angel*

    Ohh man omg , I've been watching your Videos since 2018 , I'm a huge fan and I didn't know that you are 1/4 Burmese! (I'm from Burma :3 that's why I'm so surprised)

    Now this video is in my Recommendation , thanks to Crazy YouTube Algorithm!
    Thank you YouTube!

  10. Michael

    The perfect laptop "thin and light somehow able to run 6 or 8 core cpu"

    Man what a time to be alive in 2020 eh 🙂

  11. Bet Sumbad

    I can't believe Dave just dissed MacBook in the most polite way ever 😂

  12. NuclÆr

    "You are a content creator not a content replicator"
    Morgz: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

  13. Matthew Hinojosa

    The watery bottle encouragingly open because pickle suddenly plant failing a curved club. obnoxious, silky frown

  14. GO _

    “It’s time to get back to work”
    You mean you’re not working while doing this Q&A? 😆

  15. 孙浩林

    Watch this in 2021! I am overdose on Dave now. Just love the videos!

  16. She She

    How did you ho from this to horrible bullying

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