Day in the life of a freelance web developer and dad (w/ freelancing tips)

A freelance web developer and dad shares a day in his life and says that every day is different. He also gives some great freelancing tips.

Video by Joel Rivera. Joel has his own YouTube channel with developer tips and software tutorials. Check it out:

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  1. PixemWeb

    Thanks for sharing the video with your audience. Freelancers all have different routines and I'm glad to share mine in the video.

  2. Ernest Chan

    Thanks for your video and it is very inspirational to me. I am just like you: father of two kids and working as freelance developer. This path is not easy at all honestly.

  3. Ernest Chan

    Just wonder how you learn web development. Did you take any online courses? Thanks.

  4. Ragavan Rajan

    How do you feel when you switch your field? I mean a full-time programmer.

  5. Nisarg Rai

    I want to get into freelancing. I'm currently enrolled in a bootcamp and learning with freecodecamp. I'm enjoying my learning journey.

  6. Bucur Ion

    That moment says everything (5:05). I congratulate you on this decision, this change. Greetings from Romania.

  7. Thanks for sharing this video. It's great to have a look at the life of a freelance web developer working from home. I can really relate, since this is my end goal. To be a freelance web developer working from home. I am in sales, currently, but i study web development with the help of books and the FCC. At 4.22 there is a pic of a pile of books, obviously books you have used in your learning to code journey, couple of them i have myself. I noticed a Network+ book. May i ask. Do you have networks/IT related knowledge? If yes, in what way is it useful in a web developer career generally or in your situation specifically?

  8. Kyle

    What’s the background song?

  9. Sylwester

    best of video ""try to give yourself a goal insted of schedule " nice for you

  10. Yewande O

    Thanks for sharing!!! Gave me alot of encouragement… Your children are sooo cute especially Gavin!!

  11. Arya N

    You have a great family! Keep up the great work!

  12. I absolutely love this video! Thank you for sharing @PixemWeb! I'm a freelancer, but mostly just starting out, so I'm still getting used to the freelance life, but one thing that really struck me was towards the beginning of this where the work gets done anywhere (and everywhere!). I've worked on the beach, in the car, in the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and so many other places.

    Also, something else that I related to very closely was that schedule. Like I said, I'm still trying to get used to the freelancer life and am still packing way too much into my days. Gotta find balance, especially with the flexibility freelancing brings!

    I am wondering, looks like you use visual studio code. Why do you use this one over others? I've recently tried both Atom and Sublime and I love Atom, but I hear a lot of people say there are much better choices out there.

    I'm definitely looking forward to checking out your channel! Thanks again.

    Also, adorable kids!

  13. Joseph raj

    Awesome video, Thanks for sharing…. Your son is very cute….

  14. KingCrashPlays

    It’s probably more common to be a front end developer as a freelancer, but is it possible for a backend programmer to get into freelancing?

  15. Erik Q

    Much respect Joel! A video of your setup would be great for those that want to get some ideas (i.e. me)

  16. Raider Mack

    At what point did you feel confident to take on your first client/contract

  17. Cthuloo X

    Have you tried WP Rig? If so, what are your thoughts on it. I use Underscores, but I think I'm going to switch to Wp Rig, because it has a nice basic starter theme, and has what looks like a great build process to go along with it. It also uses css grids and flexbox out of the box, which I love.

  18. Cathleen Vadala

    thank you love this it's inspiring I have an IT background and some coding experience and have been studying web dev for 3 months looking forward to freelance web dev now ty ty ty glad to see this positive representation of a day in the life!!!

  19. J Powell

    What advice would you give to a single full-time dad doing freelance work, feel like I'm overwhelmed and surviving client to client, between me and my son it's like I don't have enough time to get my brain straight, working but feel like not really moving forward. Watching this video has gave me some tips though thanks.

  20. Kamil Bełtowski

    I like the energy this guy has. Thanks for the videos! Inspiring and motivational

  21. sigmiami

    I’m single with 2 kids so I hear ya

  22. Stu Lora

    A real person! On YouTube! My life is complete.

    ps. we made the right decision. Being there as a dad is important. When we are old, we'll probably not be happy with "I never saw my children or grandchildren, but hell that suit looked good on me!" But we will be very happy thinking "I drove the same old car for 20 years and all my jeans have holes in them, but I saw each and every single one of my children's plays, competitions, shows, fights, tears and laughs"

    What do you want to be thinking when you're old?

  23. Njajal Game

    very inspiring, hopefully i would catch up with yours in the near future.

  24. Hello Jeol,
    I'm 24 year's old. I'm trying to make a change in my career too. I'm into customer service now but learning HTML and CSS initially. I don't know if I am doing the right thing. I trying my best to learn how to code. I have completed html course from udemy and did a few projects on only HTML. How much time will it take to learn coding and start working. Please answer.🙏

  25. Jackie

    Love this video. Newly subscribed to your channel Joel.

  26. dreamingfool2

    I wish I could freelance. But California screwed that up this year 😭😡.

  27. BigGoose

    I'm glad the kid was in the video. Gives a better idea of how it really is, haha

  28. David LeDoux

    Great tips, Joel. Thank you for creating this video. It is very inspiring.

  29. D S

    The most important thing which is missing in this video is taking about the money

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