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DDoS Attack Explained

A VPN protects against a DDOS attack.
Get the VPN that I use (affiliate).
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Using a VPN hides your IP address and encrypts the data so you can surf the internet anonymously and securely.

What is a DDoS attack? This is an animated video explaining what a DDoS attack is. Distributed denial of service. It also explains what is a botnet.


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  1. Xx prototype xX

    I was DDoSed once because I tea bagged a guy in the DOOM 2016 multiplayer. It was a paid for DDoS which made me laugh a shit ton.

  2. truesonic33

    Or low life in titanfall 2 that gets there ass kicked. And wants to be a hero.

  3. A. Ruiz

    This shit been happening to Titanfall 2. Cannot play and FINISH a goddamn match with all my progression I'm trying to grind for in the match just "never happen".

  4. My school just got ddosed today lmao, i can't believe my school is so stupid

  5. Dennis Bunik

    I remember playing Warcraft, they hit Blizzard many times, Activision/Blizzard is a horrible company without a doubt, but in my opinion, the attacks only seemed to inconvenience the players, being a subscription service I failed to see the logic in what they were doing, other than just being cyber A-holes, seriously guys go shut down Facebook, do something worth of your hacking skills

  6. William Munro

    hackers are noobs with out skills thats why they cheat its the only way they can get kills

  7. Thfhd

    Thank you for providing more information on this subject and this will definitely help with my programming

  8. Yearlong51

    i was somewhat of a victim of a cyber war when the russo-ukrainian war broke out. a website i used that tracked russian military activity was attacked for a few days

  9. onlythewise1

    finally someone say what happened to me i think , they shut my computer down it not able to find wi-fi, they not like i say things about ukrian and Russia war i talk neutral so they attack me

  10. Trevor Taylor

    DDos guard appeared in my window, now I know why. People are assholes.

  11. Antoine Bergeron

    The funny part about computer security is that we all spent the majority of our lives in school and high school and all of it was mostly spent on a computer yet noone has ever been taught the basic principles surround everyday connectivity to the internet along with the routers features and parameters on its admin page. … or even how to scan a drive and wipe it… like i went to school for 15 years public high school nd elementry and we wuz using a computer all fucking day every day and we never even heard or learned about a ip adress and its data travel or what a gateway is or any thing and all of it is readily accessible in the settings on any fucking computer… talk about a waste of time. No body gives ur dead mother shit about history class or fucking drama class or phys ed like wtf go play outside after school damn were running the whole world on a computer and we cant even learn the first thing about computer security and how to open a private virtual network and to explore access points and to secure your data and because of that they can charge us for it more rax dollars and gratify the advanced studies to these fields which are easy and ready settings on every computer…. Theres only wrong in the world i know you are too if youre part of the problem.

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