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So begins an age of Fog, and those forged within it.
Dead by Daylight’s Forged In Fog Chapter, featuring a new a new Killer – The Knight – a new Survivor, Vittorio Toscano, and a new Map, The Shattered Square.
Dead by Daylight: Forged In Fog is coming on November 22nd.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.      

Music by Michel F. April

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  1. Originz11

    Me thinking that guy’s gonna 1v4 them


  2. A3_Unique

    They need to add more stuff for the survivors I feel like it’s so easy for the, to kill you like you should be able to grab your friend off the monster

  3. Beessokoo1 Coo1

    You know in army of darkness this chapter really gives me that vibes

  4. santana

    while President joe biden, you lose money, when you lose money you inflated prices * thereby losing gamers *
    the main enemy in finance and inflation is JOE BIDEN And his wife ZELENSKY))

  5. "My feet are here firmly planted up. I am a Lord, and this is my throne."—Ludleth of Courland

    "You’ll face death, and it won’t be pretty. Enough death to leave you broken, time after time." —Eygon of Carim

    "Could this be what draws me to this strangely enticing darkness?"—Fire Keeper

    "You ….. remain ….. among the Accursed."—Lothric, Younger Prince

  6. Kyle Casey

    Did they even release the new updates yet? Where we can get back up after crawling a long time?

  7. Still fun playing with a couple of friends. The haunted by daylight event was fun.

  8. matthew turner

    continues to put out trailers for multiple different days but yet refuses to drop spider-man trailer

  9. BigYag

    For Honor 2 looking kinda wild ngl

  10. HobitoTV

    This game has been out for 6 years with the same boring idea : fix gens – loop killers – drop pallets on them .. because yeah Leon and Jill they never fight back they only run away and t-bag the biomonsters 😬👍

  11. AR Edits

    Still waiting for Chucky and Jason lol

  12. Pi. Anime

    that feeling when I got into the world of DARK SOULS

  13. Rafael Galindo

    Do the devs still want people to play as survivors? Flashlight nerf,locker save removed, now 4 killers in 1 match….

  14. Shinigami Venom

    Im guessing for honor and day by daylight wasnt true? Im confuse lol i thought it would be warmonger from for honor as a killer

  15. JT_Golf

    Game is so killer sided it’s hilarious

  16. Dart

    Next killer Adam smasher

  17. Raydenf1

    I am just waiting for Darth Vader/Kylo Ren/Darth maul. And for survivors star troopers

  18. Zk Motivation

    ”I really hope in 2023 you become THE best version of yourself. I hope it will be your beat year ever" If you are reading this, take it easy and have an amazing day!🔥

  19. Gorillala 78

    When the game glitches and you end up alone against 4 killers. 💀

  20. CapREX77

    Thumbnail made me think this was gonna be a For Honor collab for a second. Since DBD has worked with them in the past.

  21. eivom

    DBD taking an L after resident evil DLC

  22. Eclipse

    Legit thought this was a Dark Souls Collab or something

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