Dead Island 2 – Official 'Alexa Game Control' Trailer

The upcoming Dead Island 2 will feature built-in Alexa Game Control, meaning players will be able to shout voice commands to …


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  1. Adam Anderson

    "Alexa, give me my axe"

    "Shuffling songs by Taylor Swift on Amazon music"

  2. Chris 2020

    As if it isn't bad enough that Alexa spies on you and listen to your convos now you want the AI to play zombie games with you? …. Lol…..

  3. NoIntel

    Anyone else gonna point out the xbox 360 controller?

  4. Justin

    children in Mexican families fear this implementation.

  5. Terrible trailer 😂 the og trailer so many years back has more quality and creativity than this

  6. SxK Gaming

    Hope this game become movie everyone waiting for this become a movie…

  7. BiG RaGe no. 2

    Alexa is well, everywhere now.
    Assassins creed odyssey, Skyrim.
    Not suprised anymore XD

  8. seth romero

    He didn’t even pick up an axe😂 he picked up a short sword before leaving. Wtf

  9. Ethan Montgomery

    Hey Alexa warp me to final level

    Hey Alexa unlock all the trophies for me 😊

  10. S2S Shadow

    Anybody else notice she was using a Xbox 360 controller

  11. James

    Remember when the Microsoft Kenect had voice commands and how well that went?

  12. Calvin

    Wait didn’t they push dead island again and still releasing trailers just for it to be pushed another 10 years?

  13. Theres trying way to hard with this one. Should have just kept quite about it till about a month or so befor release.

  14. This Guy

    This is the best and worst trailer I’ve seen.

  15. Connor Barnes

    In an apocalypse and buddy still goes outside for a smoke

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