Dead Island 2 – Which Character Should You Choose?

Dead Island 2 features an eclectic cast of characters with their own distinctive methods of dismembering, decapitating, and eviscerating the undead. With a total of six Slayers to choose from, committing to just one for an entire playthrough is a big decision. Thankfully, we’re here to help break down which character is right for you in Dead Island 2. 

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Meet the Slayers
02:22 – Dead Island 2 Classes
03:36 – Character Overviews
07:18 – Who Should You Choose?
08:10 – Outro

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  1. Games getting a little ridiculous tho charging 70$ now, might even stop gaming soon bc of it haha😂getting expensive to game now too shi

  2. S.O.Q

    I'm still doing my playthrough as Amy, she is like a cat – Fast and 🔥💯

  3. Mooser Begg

    What is this nonsense?

    "Pick a character that best suits ur play style."

    Bro that is no help at all, u literally just regurgitated information that players already know, with facy videos and catchy zombie-kills

  4. YTK

    They got Lil Pump in the game

  5. Red Ninja

    Jacob was the best slayer in my opinion, the most funniest and kindhearted person in the series so far

  6. chronos270

    Played as ryan his voice line and personality were great generally made me laugh. Also tried carla but idk here voice and personality came as if phoned in

  7. The Loner

    Amy is cute. Ryan is cool. Carla just for the funny lines.

  8. John

    They absolutely nailed down what i'd expect ppl from LA to look like. Like they just fell out of some kind of a night club.

  9. toaster tub

    why did they have to put lil pump in the game. just why.

  10. Just finished the game last night as Amy and basically finished all the side quests as well. If you guys are looking for a versatile slayer who's only flaw is being 2-3 hit through the game pick Amy! She's a freaking beast. Going to run Bruno next since he's similar!😊

  11. Jay S

    Gotta go with Bruno and Dani.

  12. Stunt Panda

    Great video. You explained the differences succinctly and in an entertaining way. Plus you didn't fall into the trap of "what's the best?" Too many people ask it and the answer is always "it depends."

  13. Bread

    Most mid game of the month

  14. Gerardo Garcia

    Bruno is underrated he’s the best and the voice actor has a smooth voice 😂

  15. ck lee

    It seems like different slayer would have different weapon attack animation. Tried using Carla once, her pole animation was poking zombies, but Bruno was hitting zombies with both of the pole end and start repeatedly .

  16. Shouldn’t pick any of them, as they all look wack and weird and have no relatability whatsoever. Nobody asked to play as the rainbow brigade in a zombie apocalypse.

  17. Don BoToto

    Ill probably choose the one who is more close to john playstile

  18. MiyagiDabs

    Imo Carla and Ryan are a automatic no, because of how low their crit damage is 🤔

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