Dead Space Monster Lore – Slashers And Drag Tentacle – Before You Play Dead Space 1 Remake

In this part of our Dead Space Monster series, we take a look at the Slashers, Enhanced Slashers, and Drag Tentacle.


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  1. Sons Of Atlus

    it's really easy to see when a gaming journalists is playing the game

  2. UsmValor

    Remember when gaming Journalists liked playing games and were good at it? Me neither. Also jeez this game is a ram hog, hopefully it's speed is of little meaning.

  3. Belle

    Issac looks like a chad now Nicole looks like a ugly old granny 🤮

  4. Ayham Ismail

    Haven't seen anyone talk about how necromorphs from the sequels seem to be making a return (like the twitcher being seen in the launch trailer) so excited

  5. wirrrishere

    Damn that was brutal to watch with the ammo waste and constant low health playthrough

  6. Shashwat Verma

    Dead Space is Such a Good Horror Experience ✌🏻👍🏻

  7. Tom D

    Shouldn’t be any maggots on a space station, my boi

  8. Sergio Rosales

    Me watching how 2 precious Contact Beam ammunition are wasted in the tentacle monster because of bad aiming .-.


    Please give us Dead space 4 after this remake! Fingers crossed!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤏👌

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