Dead Space Remake Hands-On Preview

IGN goes hands-on with the upcoming full remake of Dead Space and all of its gory glory complete with new visuals, sound effects, and a new Intensity Director that makes the USG Ishimura more horrifying than ever before.



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  1. A A

    instead of remaking why didnt they fine tune if for VR and release a complete VR Version of this epic game

  2. Kaniver

    Absolutely loved this game… Probably in my top 20 favorite games

  3. Alexander Jones

    This looks terrible and terrible genric the original is a work of art just play the orginal

  4. SonofRobin

    Game journalist try not to embarrass yourself with terrible gameplay challenge: impossible.

    Also the framerate looks really bad in some spots with some stuttering as well and there's a clearly visible aiming reticule bug at 1:12.

    I'm still skeptical of this new "full-diaper-style-walking Isaac" remake

  5. Zigeuninja

    game looks cool but jesus, the performance is terrible

  6. Pretty sure most people get annoyed by ' randomly respawning enemies' which is another name for 'intensity director', in the same area they cleared. Backtracking in Dead Space wasn't a major thing besides to find doodads (collectables, that ammo pickup you missed, both a goal and necessity) To have to deal with enemies all over again is unnecessary stress. Random enemy selection and numbers, and adaptive difficulty as you go would be a better choice.

  7. C Feauto

    Wow….the graphics are great but that's a heck of a lot of pop in and hitching in the game play. You could see the hitch of it loading a new area. Hopefully they will have optimized it a bit more by the time this comes out as there's some amazing ideas and effects going on here

  8. LookHere3

    So is this remake consisting of all 3 previous games?

  9. Jack Smith

    Hope they fix those frame drops! been looking forward for this for a long time and don't want to be let down 🙁

  10. G T

    It looks like a remaster, not a remake.

  11. B1 The Architect

    Really not sold on these animations, they look like a significant downgrade, Isaac moves and animates so awkwardly. Definitely a Frostbite thing as it's giving me heavy ME: Andromeda vibes. Also I'll wait til release to fully judge this but lots of the preview footage I've been watching looks extremely stuttery and performance looks rough. I'm still excited about this, especially if it's on EA Play

  12. MapleBalls

    Hope they clean up the animation loading pauses and frame rate dips before release. Looks pretty!

  13. bioshock 69

    This looks stunning hope it runs well on a 3080 in 4k and with ray tracing all in maxed settings

  14. Colin Watson

    So they just took the director from left 4 dead and put it in dead space…. Cool

  15. Gong Ryan

    Is this is the game you can't say what it was in the last beyond podcast? Haha

  16. Marvin Wolf

    nice framerate but looks great otherwise, hopefully we get 60fps on series x and ps5 >.<

  17. Javier Sosa

    Remember what EA took from us… the guy banging his head in the hallway used to look a lot scarier (those who played the original will remember)

  18. Sunny Golightly

    My question is, will the resources also be painfully limited like the original?

  19. stephen

    3:50 "There's enough new here to make the first Dead Space obsolete," what an incredibly arrogant statement. The original Dead Space will never be "obsolete", and judging by the shitty 20 fps frame rate of this remake, it might not even be worthy of having the name Dead Space.

  20. got "epic tier 3 engineer"
    looking forward to replaying it again.
    Wonder if they include the finger gun on PC version too..

  21. Blidaru Mihai

    The moment we cant new games from 0 cuz how bad the producers are, instead release remakes over and over again.

  22. henriqueacabral

    the 360 game still looks amazing. but this is a more welcome remake than say, Last of Us

  23. Tabbers

    Go in room, room locks and monster comes out. Rinse and repeat

  24. I'm glad it's basically the same game but better graphics with a few added changes. Everything about the original was great

  25. Supreme Mii

    Ever played the first one. It’s primed and ready to go. Horror games ain’t my forte though. But this encourages me to try it finally.

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