Dear Tech YouTubers… Please Stop.

please stahp

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  1. Reismehl

    I have never seen Dave this lively before haha

  2. cd#1

    There called gaming YouTube lmao

  3. Chookity Pok Pok

    Thought I'd watch this again after the Lew Later episode you just did. Still agree with you, Dave.

  4. Mayank Pant

    Just got this video recommended after watching the Lew later podcast you were on..
    YouTube's algorithm can be surprisingly good sometimes!

  5. ohdavee

    I just fucking hate clips or footages of youtubers just "spectating" or showing replays.
    no one is wanting a highlight clips, at least show "fps" of real world example, as in, in the game shooting, with others on the screen.
    not just lobby or spectate mode, as dave said lol
    fps on battle royale games differ depending whats going on in the screen. cmoe on man

  6. Ren

    what kills me is people playing Fortnite.

    "let's use high-end pc to play cartoon games"

  7. Vi An MUSIC


  8. Kavish Daya

    Criticising people because clearly you can't play so you just accuse others lol you also

  9. IDUM 168

    Or dont lower your and people that watch your videos iq playing fortnite
    Fortnite is trah and i really mean that
    Im not a fan of Pubg not a pubg fanboy but heck even gta online seems better than fortnite

  10. Sergio Solorzano

    can you revisit this video but with genshin impact please? I'm tired of the genshin impact performance test that YouTubers do where they're literally standing on the initial area, with the main character 

    like who plays like that, the game runs at 60 in that setup, but struggles to keep 30s on the rest of the game

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