Deceive Inc. – Launch Trailer | PS5 Games The teams at Sweet Bandits Studios and Tripwire Presents are happy to …


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  1. Jj Frost_Fang

    I wanted to play this with some of my friends and siblings on ps4.

  2. AtReYu

    Where is it I cannot find it anywhere

  3. Cesar F Lazaro

    Why do they keep makin similar games like fortnite 🤦🏻‍♂️ kids are going to love it me not so much.. i being to negative i might give it a chance hope is not like trashnite.

  4. Sam!

    Its fun.. Until you realize you play on Joysticks.
    This game is nightmare for consoler nerds

  5. Reading the comments, I noticed that alot of you don't know the difference between Graphics and Art Style

  6. SirRaptor

    This looks like great fun. I’ll definitely check this out


    Beta was actually fun. I originally roasted this game. Walking with my L on this one because I copped it already.

  8. ChrisBe

    the beta was a lot of fun.
    might get the game on pc (no ps+ required)

  9. Gamer Man

    Fun game, but all u gotta do is walk like the npcs people are to dumb to even notice lol.

  10. hello play station team, very cool the games you are releasing, but where is the legend of dragoon remake? is coming?!

  11. Nathan Reese

    Don’t let the graphics decieve you gameplay is fun especially if you like assassins creed brotherhoods mulitplayer

  12. Nick Trask

    Hi PlayStation please bring out a new PlayStation portable console in orange I’m begging you 🙏

  13. Mr. Variant

    1:20 lol camping as a toilet. Do hope theres a single player campaign.

  14. iSincerity

    Game looks like a lot of fun with unique mechanics however the animations are so stiff…

  15. GameBent

    I like the art style, but the animations look very bland

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