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The Definition of Done is a documented team agreement. It defines the conditions that must be met for a potentially shippable product to be considered “done as in done.” It’s how we know that we “did the thing right”, meaning that we built in the correct level of quality into the product. These are different from the acceptance criteria, which are written by the product owner and help us know that we did the “right thing.”

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  1. Sorry, but the difference isn't very clear. If we dig deep into the agile way, DoD can be at the Release level or at the User Story level. Release Level I understand will be pretty generic but how will you differentiate User Story DOD and Acceptance Criteria? Well, Acceptance criteria might become subset of User Story DOD, it's little confusing!

  2. Chris Gagné

    I should note that my statement "…the acceptance criteria, which are written by the product owner…" is technically incorrect. Anyone can write the initial draft of acceptance criteria (although it's often the product owner, especially for user stories), and the team improves the acceptance criteria together at Backlog Refinement and Sprint Planning.

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