You are currently viewing Dell Alienware 17 R5 Review – The Most Powerful Alienware Laptop!

Dell Alienware 17 R5 Review – The Most Powerful Alienware Laptop!

Dave2D review of the 2018 Alienware 17 R5. The best gaming laptop that Alienware makes. Overclocked 8950HK + GTX 1080
AW17 –

With the 5GHz i7-8950HK CPU, 32 GB RAM and an overclocked GTX 1080 running 8GB GDDRX5, the new Alienware 17 R5 is a monster performer. It is pretty heavy though at 4.4 kg (42.4cm x 33.2cm x 29.9mm). If you’re looking for the ultimate gaming laptop from a reliable company with strong performance and excellent build quality, the AW17 delivers.

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  1. Dave2D

    It's crazy that this thing competes with a desktop 8700K in performance. Thanks for watching!

  2. Music Maniac

    It really sucks bro as you cannot upgrade memory from 32Gb to 64GB. Although the system recognizes the memory but the bios on it does not allow to boot into OS when you upgrade memory to 64GB, Alienware bios has an issue but their support does not want to fix it, I purchased mine 4.5k last year but so disappointed of not about to upgrade memory to 64GB

  3. Mark J

    I bought the Core i7(8th Gen) setup of this laptop for use at my job. It's got great performance, but the extra keys on the left take a little getting used to. I keep pressing Key 5 instead of ctrl LOL – Anyway, the great thing is I can upgrade to a Corei9 should I decide, and also upgrade the RAM and 2nd hard drive….so it should last several years. Expensive investment but has paid for itself many times over with the work it's helped me do.

  4. Mosses

    I have this and its amazing currently watching on it! one problem is the battery but I already expected that from a laptop as powerful as this so eh

  5. AtomicPrism

    Trust me guys this laptop is way cheaper is U.S nothing compared to what their selling outside use soooooo overpriced
    U.S :1500
    Kuwait :2500

  6. Tinkeritis

    So this should be able to run Hello Kitty Adventure Island?

  7. maestrozero117

    They're pieces of shit. Make sure you have a good protection plan and are ready to fix fans and stuff

  8. Brandon Martinez


  9. Just Jet

    Can I use the USB-C port in the back to connect to USB-C port in external monitor? Great vid

  10. Abdul Ahad

    It's motherboard damaged within a year and i still regret buying this shit. GO for ASUS rog instead. Alienware 17 R5 have fan issue (cheap quality less durable fan), battery issue (it won't last even 8-9 month , it will swollen ) , too much heavy and buying desktop are almost same as buying this only difference is desktop offer much durability then this shit. Stop making paid promotional video Dave Lee , i bought that seeing your review from YouTube.

  11. Alhaji Daniel

    Lol this guy keeps recommending these decked out PCs for Video editing and photo browsing.. i'm just tired of hearing that

  12. SEPA

    Love the review however we are curious, what camera are u using for recording this video mate?

  13. KuilowKey

    I just got one today 🙂 Financing off my cousin, he got a new 15in with RTX

  14. Matthew Mcmann

    It looks like if I were to pick this up and put this down over and over I basically be benching a baby

  15. zero dai

    Too big to be convenient while travelling

  16. Dip Image

    How can i control the lighting of this laptop?

  17. Space Oofy

    i have this laptop i like it its my first ever gaming laptop

  18. Ben Andy

    Alienware was so good back then. Now they basically just releasing piece of gimmicky junks.

  19. destiny grace

    could you just get this laptop and hook it up to hdmi and use a monitor with key and mouse to basically make it into a pc?

  20. frow234

    I have it. Has worked great. Unfortunately the keyboard has begun to fail. Just a few stopped working right now. It's about 3 years old. Any recommendations?

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