Dell G16 2023 Review (i7 13650HX & 4060)

In this video we take a look at Dells G16 gaming laptop to see if Dell can hit the sweet spot of price to performance ratio!

Timestamps: –
0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:18 – Specs and Config Options
0:01:29 – Externals
0:02:52 – Ports
0:03:35 – Opening Up / Deck
0:03:52 – Trackpad
0:04:04 – Keyboard
0:05:08 – Speakers
0:05:56 – Screen
0:06:33 – Webcam
0:06:53 – Internals
0:08:07 – Performance and Gaming
0:11:21 – Battery and Power Options
0:12:19 – Conclusion

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  1. Romash

    How are you. How're your days going on?

  2. Romash

    which is better 13650HX or 12700H?

  3. Mak Sim

    this 100w gpu limit is ridiculous. i have 2060 with 125w. why nvidia did that? really pisses me off. really want to switch to full amd laptop.

  4. Mike Makarov

    Something is wrong with the sound in this video. Can't quite say what that is, as if lows overflow into highs noise – weird sound.
    Ah I get it – your battery in the mic is dead. Replace it.

  5. Joel Conolly

    We do have the 4050 model here in Malaysia as well as the i5 13450HX which I haven't seen the i5 HX series in the wild. Think it's better to get the 4070 for this machine?

  6. bluup brr

    There are two variants of the g15 currently being sold in my country. 4060 and the 3070ti (6800h), both at a similar price point. Which one should i go for?

  7. Metka

    I think the 2021 G15 with ryzen 5800h and rtx 3060 was dells high point for performance x value plus it had a much longer battery life.

  8. RisinTech

    Big fan of your review ! Best like always

  9. Kaito-J

    Thought you were doing the Legion next lol

  10. ARP

    I have seen better score for that in asus strix g16 almost 20k

  11. 5after12

    you don't normally get the mechanical keyboard on your Alienware laptops, do you prefer this one now that you have it?

  12. 5after12

    have you ever actually needed to upgrade the wifi card?

  13. eric131313

    God dell has mastered boring looks thats fore sure ❤❤❤

  14. Jonathan R

    I wonder what is Dell's logic of using inverted motherboards still? I feel like they are one of the only companies who constantly do this with all of their models, making repasting such a pain.

    Also unacceptable to not have a USB-C/ mini-DP port that goes to the Nvidia GPU directly for that kind of $.

  15. Jesse Griffin

    It's a decent machine but I feel like it's ugly. (Sorry). I'd rather get a Asus tuf

  16. Mal1k

    Long time no see mate. How you been? Good video! Need to get a laptop for a Friend of mine. He was thinking of buying Lenovo X1 extreme G5. Lmk, what you think about that. Maybe, we can get a video review of that as well. Haha.

  17. xruud24

    Shit Ports. Only 4 usb in total, there’s soooo much room at the back which isn’t used

  18. 刘志航

    I like your videos but would you please consider this; when you do product close-up shots, change the purple light to white light, so colors look accurate and it doesn't burn audiances' eyes.

  19. Alyce Alvi

    Thank you for this and answering my questions. Like you said, is it better to buy Alienware m16 with i9-13900Hx, 4070 GPU then to get these specs in the G16? In US, alienware cost around 450 more.

  20. Hass B

    just commenting to support the channel. have a great day!

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