Dell G7 Review – πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Dave2D review of the Dell G7 7588 gaming laptop in Alpine White. Combining the i7-8750H with a GTX 1050 / GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1060 Max-Q.
Dell G7 –

Overclocking the AUO63ED Panel –

The new G7 is a stunning laptop that has excellent build quality and internal accessibility for an inexpensive gaming laptop. The white and blue colors looks AWESOME. It’s this satin finish with metallic blue accents. Thermal performance is also strong. Good temps and quiet fans on load.

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  1. F.B.I

    This is what the playstation 5 look if it's a laptop

  2. 데릭

    That intro gives me nostalgic vibes. when life was good and a simple thing idk

  3. sebe

    Got mine a year and a half ago and it just died πŸ™

  4. i have the same laptop since a year or so. the film from the mouse pad is coming off now. also the laptop lagss like fak when not powered.

  5. Raymond Kong

    Anyone upgrading the RAM to 32gb for this model? Not sure its capability or not. Thanks.

  6. Nathan Gemina

    Hey, Dave! Can you review the 2020 G7 series? I'd like to know if it's a good device, I'm making a switch soon to laptop gaming from console. Deciding between this and the Helios 300….

  7. Rajdeep Dhar

    Can you post a review on the new Dell G7 2020 laptop ?

  8. rmzzz76

    I have a GTX 1060 Dell 7577. Was one of the best laptops I've owned. I see this video was from 2018 back near the time when the company was really striving to produce quality. Unfortunately the 2020 G5 and G7 laptops (both Intel and AMD variants) seem plagued with issues (see Dell Community Support forums, it's horrible). I would not buy any Dell product in 2020.

  9. Neurons

    So why does mine get 17 FPS on every game

  10. Hitendra Dhoney

    I have a dell g3 laptop. On the second day of use, I opened alienware and notification came that loading may take up to 30 seconds.But even after 1 hourit does not open. So I tried reinstalling it but nothing happened. It just loads and loads and never opens up completely. Also I can't use the g-key(F7) on my laptop. It does not work since the problem with alienware occured. Can anyone please tell the solution? I really need help. Please reply if anyone knows solution as fast as you can.

  11. Deboleena Saha

    Is it good for using premiere pro? Am looking for a gaming and video editing laptop.

  12. Shifaau Adam

    Please do a review of "Dell G7 15 gaming laptop"
    Thank you.

  13. organ donation

    CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE A VEDIO ON NEW DELL G7 15 ( RTX 2060 & 144 hz ) i am from INDIA & wanna import it from U.S coz its too cheap there … What if it is faulty … Will they replace it here
    Also it has some great specs but some people are complaining about sudden fps drop after few minutes

  14. hey dude, i bought this laptop and want to upgrade the RAM but i don't know if there much difference, actually have 16gb. thanks!!! i hope so anyone or you answer my question. Sorry for my bad english

  15. FKR 98

    heyy dave could we have an update video on the dell G7 series??

  16. Nazir Karimi

    hello to every one I have a question, does g7 7588 have turbo boost?

  17. Andres Cobos

    Hey man, do you know where can I buy the white model? The link on your description takes me to a search result and can't find owt in dell either

  18. Aman Khan

    how much bettery time works on playing games

  19. Leggies

    Don’t buy this peace of shit, it died with in two years but hey at least I get a refund

  20. David Aresti

    will like to see you review the 2020 G7 7500 with oled and how does it compare with Alienware m15 r3

  21. Zeyad Zakaria

    I have watched your video about alienware m15 r3 and it was amazing.. I am waiting for your review on dell g7 2020 because it is a great competitor with the same price of m15. Please do it soon it will be really helpful. Thanks πŸ˜€

  22. Ash 2 splashy

    Just got the g7 today!I was playing Doom for 4 hours straight in 4K and achieving decent FPS. Good machine apart from it gets warm wen your gaming on ultra settings for a while . but in medium and high doom settings it stays relatively cool. and doom is quite a demanding game.good machine!!!

  23. Ansh Aaron Lal

    Hello Sir!
    When will you do the review of the new Dell G7 7500……?

  24. Cesar Calderon

    You forgot to descrive the charging port. Thats very important. Some of them get bad.

  25. Chen Songyi

    My zaq1 keys are unresponsive on the Dell G7. Sadge

  26. Shushi

    This review is a downright scam. The laptop runs extremely hot and lags on a browser, Steam, or even Discord. Games run fine at one moment, then it drops sub 30 before jumping right back up to 60 fps. This isn’t the game because my desktop with a Ryzen 5 3600x and an RTX 2060 Super runs the same games just fine, but with the laptop, it ran like it was dying from a heat stroke. Even when undervolted it has a heat stroke and drops heavy frames. At the time this came out, I would’ve warned people to steer clear of this piece of paperweight garbage. Same goes for the newer versions, if they have the same issues. At $1199, it’s an insult to the consumer.

  27. Josh TMG

    "Really good thermals" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  28. you may not have dealt with thermal throttling then but HOOO BOY it gets So Bad after around a year and a half of use because of the thermal paste wearing off, plus this thing is an absolute wanker to get into in order to repaste it. You gotta do like a whole entire deconstruction of the thing in order to do it. I still have yet to do it but I just know I'm gonna be dedicating a whole afternoon to it because this'll be my first time opening up a laptop and I wanna be real careful not to screw anything up considering the degree im opening it up to. Thankfully there are a bunch of deconstruction guide vids for this model so yeah at least I wont be totally in the dark on how to do it lol

  29. wadafefe

    Idk understand how dell went from this to the slimmer more XP’s style laptop. Wish they did the same redesign for the G series

  30. I bought a gs66 with the 3070 today and compared it with my 7588 I’ve had for a year. I’m taking the gs66 back. Love my g7

  31. Ilikedahrice

    Got one of these for my friends used for 400 bucks. G7 GTX1060 great for esports games.

  32. Estelle Lynn

    The design is good, looks really clean with white colour.
    But it has thermal issue.
    Never again buy any Dell's gaming laptop.

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