Dell Inspiron 7559 Review – A Budget 15″ Gaming Laptop

My review of the 15″ Dell Inspiron 7559. An $800 gaming laptop. Enjoy!
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A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive video editing and gaming performance tests.

Review unit: i5/8G/1TB/960M

Is this the cheapest 15″ gaming laptop of even 2016?! Is it worth the money? Is this thing good for gamers?
Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. sturg gaming

    You always open laptops either from both sides or the middle not by one corner are you new to using laptops?

  2. Son Truong

    Has it for 3 years, still in perfect shape, I had adding another 8gb ram and m.2 memory for it, and I happy with it.

  3. Jesus Alvarado

    got it for over 3 years now and I've got massive flickering issue for 2+ years now. Plus the screen is baaad, any day light from a windows makes the computer unusable lol

  4. Kylo Ren

    Why those blade bent? I don't see anything hit them. Are they bent due to the chassis flex?

  5. Rakan TS

    i have the one with 8 ram and i7… it starts so slow, is there a way i can upgrade it to start significantly faster ?

  6. The hinge😭 THE HINGEEE‼️‼️ Okay my screw inside has been stripped, sooo how do I fasten this part so the hinge can operate well

  7. tibu sahil

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (i7/8GB/4gb GTX 960M/4K)

    compare please as

    Dell Inspiron 7657, 7th/ i5/ GTX1050 4Gb, 8 GB

  8. tibu sahil

    Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (i7/8GB/4gb GTX 960M/4K)

    compare please as

    Dell Inspiron 7657, 7th/ i5/ GTX1050 4Gb, 8 GB
    for gaming gta v ,farcry 5 , pubg pc version , or new games for best fps in ultra or hd

  9. Project Baby

    Mine runs Bannerlord on medium/high settings. Don’t know how but I’m not asking questions..

  10. Vihoda Nyet

    I got the 4k touch screen 16gb RAM of this laptop. I have to say .. its utter garbage unless im doing somethign wrong? I cant even play basic steam games on this. The lag is ridiculous. Dont even try and use any photo / video editing. It is simply unusable for pograms like premiere pro and after effects.. sad me

  11. Michael Harvey

    by the way this laptop is actually really trash for gaming or even anything. after a little bit of use it will basically crap out and it sucks. DO NOT BUY IT. 800 dollars is absolutely not worth it and you can buy something much better for less

  12. bryson

    Bought this laptop used for $180 with a 256gb ssd already in it. It was a great decision

  13. It's totally not worth getting the grainy, matte screen. The * only * way to go is with the 3,840 by 2,160, glossy screen!
    I can not relate to people who actually prefer matte screens. They are grainy. With a glossy screen, the colors are bright and clear.
    The matte people always whinge about reflections. Just move the computer, sub-genius! How hard can this be?
    I just found a used Dell 7559 on Ebay, with a glossy screen, and 3,840 by 2,160 resolution. It looks like the best deal for under $300 so far.

  14. Works relatively goodぬ and stable as a piece of advanced electronics. Used to hang on some occasions so i would hold power button to force shut down. After i went through processes and automated tasks and changed a few things it almost never does that; device itself seems good. Been using it plenty for months now.

  15. reaper craft

    These early videos gives me a nostalgic feeling, omg! Its not that too long ago.

  16. Aditya Wagh

    4.5 years down the line, the laptop still runs well. But thermal throttles a lot!

    The keyboard keypads started slipping and I couldn't press the key.

    Hinge is pretty bad and since I dropped my laptop a couple of years ago, I broke the hinge and the top part near the keyboard came off.

  17. Sergio Figueroa

    I bought this for my kids the 4k version and the screentouch in this 2020 … It cost me 500 bucks with 1 TB and 16 in ram …

  18. D Valle

    As long as I can play total war games and do school shoit, I'm down

  19. John Yanero

    Budget??? I bought mine brand new and paid almost $1900 for my Dell 7559 in 2016, straight from Dell. I don't know what kind of "budget" you're on!? Lol.

  20. Pravar Parekh

    4 yrs later, its screen began leaking lcd fluid on the bottom right

    Battery blown up like a balloon

    Bad hinges, which shorted the motherboard when tried to open the screen.

    4k screen not available in the market for replacement so its game over. Time to buy a new laptop

  21. Noel Noel

    Dell 1464 review and his gaming and keyboard review.

  22. Daniel Fuentes

    TYPING IN 2020 AFTER 4 YEARS OF USE, I kept this bad boy and will continue to do so a little longer. This laptop has held up well for me! I watched this video and was instantly sold. The material of the laptop definitely gets dirty and gets scuffs like Dave said. It's no Alienware tank but it's got some weight. It's about average thiccness especially compared to all the sleeker and thinner ones coming out. I take it around a lot so there's that. I do clean whenever necessary though. Battery life is shite now (1 hr) but that's to be expected. I just have it plugged in now. Another weird issue is the keyboard. It is nice to type on BUT I've noticed that when i play LoL (AND ONLY LoL) the keyboard would die and nothing (but my mouse) would register; even the power button! THANK GOD for the single screw back (WHY DON'T ALL LAPTOPS HAVE THIS FEATURE??), that thing is so convenient and has saved my life during league games since I just pop out the back, unplug the cable connected to the battery to turn it off and boot up again which takes like a minute. Idk if its because i have wallpaper engine running in the background or the laptop itself is getting old or Riot Games just hates me. The hinge was a temporary issue as it kept popping the base corners of the laptop up and then down when i would lift the screen up, thus making a loud snapping sound every time. I found a video that said it was a loose screw in the back (inside) that needs to be tightened. I opened it up and screwed both tight again and it was good as new! Speakers are alright but i use a headset. I do notice a stutter sound, maybe driver issues idk but not often. I've kept this baby cleaned and updated internally. I got 8gb extra ram, an SSD to use as my OS, and use the 1tb HDD as storage. The power connection and headphone jack on the left side are a BIG PLUS. Some new laptops today have it on the right and it gets in the way of my mouse. Unfortunately the ethernet is on the right, but i use wifi mainly anyways. Fans don't get too loud; even then I've heard louder fans. The thermals on this is NICE! It's no HP OMEN 15 ice cold but I never had to worry about my fingers and palms burning (Looking at you Asus). It still handles games really well but, of course I have to make a few sacrifices in quality graphics. I've played League and other mobas comfortably on high settings, The Division 2 tolerably on lower settings, and even Apex Legends on mid settings. Sure it's a bit older, but I can see myself comfortably using this for another 2 years. I don't mind looking like a Flintstone with a dinosaur. Cheers to whomever got around to reading this and thanks to Dave2D for this awesome recommendation! It's gotten me through college, saved some cash in pocket, and continues to hold up well!

  23. Kyreem

    Time to upgrade. Sort of last me 5 years. Slightly broken hinges, slow, and can't keep up with modern games. You did ok, but wish you had a better build quality. Very cheap feeling.

  24. Prabhu Samad

    Never ever buy this, The common problems comes with the Hinge 😭😭

  25. Primaeros

    Still using this in 2021. Installed an M.2 SSD for the OS drive some time back, recently replaced the now-old HDD with a fresh new 1TB SSD, and still trucking with MMOs and simple graphics/video editing. ❤️

  26. sai shankar

    I’m here after 4 years of use, only issue with battery so I run my laptop without battery and it works great. ( There are no batteries74wh available in India at this point)


    Yo tengo una en color rojo y aun funciona a la perfeccion!

  28. XIX

    This and the dell 5577 🤝🏾

  29. Gonzo7one

    Bro I got the same laptop but mines runs games so trash, I don’t even get solid FPS on ROBLOX

  30. Sean Paul

    5 years and looks and works new… I have 16 gb ram of and use it for work running all types software engineering programs and virtual machines without a hiccup!! I also install a 1 tb backup hard disk!!

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