Dell Inspiron 7567 Review – $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Inspiron 7567 with GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 TI. Is this the best gaming laptop to buy under $800?!
Magnetic Hourglass –
Inspiron 7000 –

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  1. Dave2D

    50,000 LIKES AND I'M GIVING ONE AWAY!!!111one

    jk but i'm giving one away soon. Stay tuned

  2. kavuttan

    On 3rd year on this laptop. Used very roughly and still using at it as main cpu for my desktop setup. Running extremely good.

    I upgraded ram to 16gb which made multi tasking much faster.

    The screen is pathetic thats why i hooked up it to monitor .

  3. WartHawg

    God I REMEMBER wanting this thing so bad, but really it’s shit for gaming today. Instead I saved up to $1200 and bought an omen 15 rtx 2060 i7 with m.2 storage and was very happy with it. Now I am building one for $2000. I’m just so glad I didn’t buy this piece of junk, good for it’s time, but aged like a shit on the sidewalk.

  4. TheTuxedoPog

    On amazon it’s $800! My brother got one from somewhere else for $400

  5. Ashuj

    I have been using this for 2 years now. Upgrading the RAM in a week. Excited!

  6. Joshua Jara

    Over 3 years of using this laptop I never knew why my storage fills up so quickly. Can someone explain?

  7. Rama

    dell is shit…so many problems with this laptop, I should return this (sound card crackling and speakers). After two years other problems and I think all this problems dell producing by Bios and other their software called "drivers"

  8. FFA BlackModz

    Bruh I got this laptop over $1,700 on Best Buy and it’s $800 did I get ripped off????? And also I been having these for 3 years and I don’t recommend it. You will have a lot of very laggy issues and if you plug in Ethernet it won’t work at all you will still lagg as well with it. So buying an actual Pc is better then getting a laptop trust me guys.

  9. Samuel Corzo

    2 years with this shit laptop!! Doesnt even run medium-high games. Not worth the investment

  10. Thiago Cipriano

    I still have mine, 3 years after purchase !! With a price hike over in the past few years the I7 7700HQ and a GTX 1050 TI still doing a good job !! It would be really cool to take back some of those older computers!

  11. salma

    I bought this laptop since I saw this review 4 years ago. My laptop was working great until last year March 2020 after I started playing couple of games the battery got damaged and I can't use the laptop without the charging cable since then. Now I'm replacing the battery because I can't play games on this anymore because of the battery issue. I should've bought a PC instead of buying a gaming laptop. I regret it.

  12. TimeItCorrectly

    theres one thats Red and black instead of black and red and i have it, its neat

  13. luis ZAVALETA

    its nice to be back at when i decide to have in what im watching this

  14. Doug Harlow

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7567, GTX 1050 TI, 16GB memory Laptop. Purchased on 5-23-2017. I'm using it right now. Am I correct that the sound and video cards are on the motherboard? I'm having problems with the on board speakers not loud enough, not as loud as when I plug in my headphones and every once in awhile I get a studder in sound. GREAT VIDEO. Your thoughts. Thanks

  15. Sxm Pandey

    Shit laptop. It has never ever satisfied me, it's been 5 years and all I've for this junk is complains and issues. Fuck Dell and fuck reviewers.

  16. Frank The Tank

    Just wanna say that I'm still using this laptop after 4 years thanks to your review and it truly is built like a tank and heald up really well over time. The battery & hard drive slowed down overtime as expected, but it's a good thing it was easy to get inside and replace them and it still runs like new!
    Seriously a legendary laptop that's been forgotten, thanks Dave~

  17. Pseudo

    It's been 3 years and I am still using this laptop like brand new. The only thing I replace is the battery.

  18. Seth Barker

    Picked one of these up this year for $350, with 16gb ram, 256gb nvme, and I added a 1tb hdd. Even in 2021, I’d say it’s aged really well all things considered. I needed a budget-conscious upgrade to my aging Precision workstation laptop (i7-3720qm + Quadro K4000M) And given the current market, I was content to find something with this level of performance in good condition. The lack of hyper-threading & all-core turbo of only 3.1ghz hurts this machine’s ability to handle heavy workloads, but for browsing/gaming it works well. The 1050 Ti is also the most ideal choice for the cpu; the 1060 variant pairs much better with the i7-7700hq, at least for 1080p scenarios. I’m not a huge power user outside of games, so it works great as a portable console or htpc when I hook it up to my tv.

  19. ZeBlacut

    I want to change my SSD, which is the model, the correct specification? just M.2 2280?

  20. Sir. Fender

    Today I sold this laptop. I bought it brand new and it lasted me for many years. However, I did have to replace the battery twice during my ownership.

  21. Speedy Alt

    I do not recommend anyone purchasing this gaming laptop because the performance is so poor and you are being duped in almost every way.The CPU is an i5 7300hq, the GPU is a 1050 Ti, and if you do the benchmark on every game, you are getting 60 fps on the low setting, which is like a console. The performance speed runs like every new laptop's opening stuff. To this day, I regret my parents' buying this laptop for me for my birthday. It legit holds my potential for doing well at gaming, which I have used for 3 years. I cannot get a new one because I would not know what to do with this laptop and wouldn't want my parents to be mad at me for wasting their money.

  22. Sero

    This aged like fine wine for me. Been using for 5 plus years. Thanks for this video back in 2017.

  23. Danny Tran

    This laptop lasted 4 years for me. At the time I got it, I was a uni student on a budget and it worked great for me. But I'm finally switching to a high-end gaming laptop (Lenovo Legion 7 with RTX 3080) and am very excited to finally move on from using the Dell Inspiron 15. The jump from a mobile 1050TI to a 3080 will be absolutely night and day!

  24. ZeBlacut

    this computer work without battery?? just plugged in?

  25. Luana Souza

    CPU throttle like hell for no reason. Temps are under 60° celcius and it's processor goes down to 0.5 GHz. Don't buy

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