Dell Inspiron 7577 Review – $999 Gaming Laptop with GTX 1060 Max-Q!

Dave2D review of the best gaming laptop from Dell for $999. The GTX 1060 Max-Q is fast!
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  1. blu

    1st part reminds me of a dear ryan

  2. Creed

    I have had this laptop for 2 years now mainly for a school laptop. Is there any reason why everytime I try to use the laptop I get horrible fps, frame lag. Cant even run simple games like siege and gta5.

  3. megadisc1982

    Possible to upgrade dell 7577 to new gpu from 1060 ??
    Pls advise

  4. Marco Grancelli

    I have this laptop for 2 years now. It has incredible specs for the price but i had a really bad experiencie:
    The battery was dead in 1 year.
    Half of the keyboard doesn't work (and i actually used an externeal keyboard since de day one for the 95% of my usage)
    One of the fans does a REALLY loud noise.

  5. Even tho I'm a student ,i don't care about the webcam actually cuz I never turn on the camera in the classes tbh

  6. zaino tron

    I already have the 1050ti equivalent laptop… Why is this in my recommendations??

  7. One plus Two

    What kind of laptops do you know with amazing keyboard?

  8. batmanPL

    I bought an Inspiron 7577 yesterday but with a 1050ti card. I am excited about the adventures in the world of games that await me: P

  9. mm kia

    This is too low for $999 lenovo y540 is better than this shit

  10. Haassan1

    A 250 nits screen is cutting the corners in my book. To pass it shiuld have been atleast 300 nits.

  11. Lucas Adams

    Hello so i own a Dell 7577 i5 with a 1060 max q configuration. To yall in the 2021 and how this laptop handle game in 2021. So just to let you guys know i replace thermal paste and clean the fan once every year. So when i first bought this laptop for the first 2 years, it can play any games fine. Overwatch, team fortress , league of legend , minecraft ( with a bunch of mods and shaders) easily. but starting from 2019 i noticed my laptop slowly heating up and throttle more on the game that i been playing for years on this laptop even though i clean the fan and change thermal paste already. If I play games like subnautica or battlefield V i have to change the graphic to the lowest to get at least a decent fps and with occasional stuttering. 2021 now is even worst. games like Hat in time, Ori and the will o wisp, temtem and genshin impact now i have to lower the graphic setting to the lowest with some additional detail turn off like shadow to make the game playable. This laptop was a monster back when it first came out. You can throw any game at it and it will handle like a beast. But 2021, a I5 and 1060 max q is slacking. I Would definitely recommend another gaming laptop that around 999$. there are a lot fo them out there even some are cheaper with better configuration. If you still decide to buy this laptop in 2021 just know that the laptop will get crazy hot playing any triple A games, where the area of the cpu and gpu can get too hot and occasional stutter. Also buy another 8gb of ram cuz you will definitely need it for this laptop. Thank you for reading this far.

  12. Ekkorei

    Sooo how would I upgrade this now hardwarewise? I bought a 120hz panel and it started lagging my games and started making a crackling sound with the speakers xD

  13. A Morty

    My one had major CPU throttling issues 🙁 it was also loud as f fresh out of the box

  14. Allyn Ocampo

    bought one in 2017 and still functions well as of today. <3 best purchase so far

  15. Switcher

    bought one for $400 fucking great deal

  16. Jay Velasquez

    Oops. That webcam clip is totally screwed. It looks way better than that. Sorry!! -Dave2D

  17. Tlow

    This laptop looks better than what Dell produces today

  18. gaurav arora

    3 years with this laptop and its working in the scratching heat of Indian weather, plus ran a few models of Deep learning. boom this thing is good. the battery is okayish, but it didn't go a replacement until yet so yey! consumers win !

  19. gaurav arora

    I own this laptop from past 3-4 years now.. And its amazing.. Apart from battery backup.. It think it's perfect in such a good budget.. I don't plan to buy a new one unless a very higher GPU.. But voila.. I have thunderbolt here!

  20. Maikel Peeters

    this laptop looks like a laptop from 2006..damn thick bezels around the screen

  21. Stanley Makafui

    I'm a regular guy and I'm in Ghana 🇬🇭. I got this laptop used for GH¢ 3,800 (USD 623.00) in November 2021 and it's still great.
    Truth be told, I do video editing with it just fine mostly in Davinci Resolve. I edit 4K BRAW files without problems, thanks to the efficiency of the BRAW codec and the power of this laptop. Premiere Pro also worked the few times i did projects in it. I do product animations in After Effects and it works just fine. I know it's from 2017/18 but Performance is okay for my needs.
    Fifa 2020 plays so well on it, nothing more to be desired.
    It's so tempting to want to upgrade laptops every year, thanks to marketing… But you really don't and this laptop proves it even after 4 years.

    One caveat tho, color accuracy of the panel isn't the greatest for obvious reasons. I hook it up to my monitor when I'm color grading.

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