Dell Latitude 9430 2-in-1 REVIEW: KILLER COMBO

Dell Latitude 9430 2-in-1(Best Buy):
Dell Latitude 9430 2-in-1:
Dell Premier Rechargeable Active Pen – PN7522W:

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Dell XPS 13 Plus (9320):
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Dell XPS 17 9720 (2022) with FHD+ and RTX 3050:
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Video Index:
00:00 Intro
01:21 Specs & Pricing
02:17 Unboxing, Design, Build & Size
04:39 Ports & Connections
05:21 Internals & Upgradeability
07:11 Display
09:00 The Modes & Pen
09:57 Webcam, Mics & Fingerprint Scanner
10:38 Performance, Benchmarks & Gaming
11:53 Thermals, Surface Temps & Fan Noise
12:36 Keyboard & Touchpad
13:19 Battery Life & Charging Times
14:15 Audio & Speaker Test
15:05 Pros & Cons
16:15 The Score
16:27 Final Thoughts

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  1. Bernt Lie

    Very good video (slightly warm?), very good mics/sound. Impressive battery compared to the HP Elite Dragonfly G3, which has an 8 Wh larger battery.

  2. GXSCChater

    Great review but for the price it is, it's defintly a kind of laptop that says, I want you to do your job and nothing else. Which what some corporations love to do.

    The streaming quality and the sound is great. Nice for meetings to give a good impression to any people your taking to.

  3. Paul Evans

    why not the Dell Premier Rechargeable Active Pen – PN7522W?

  4. Will W

    This is a great laptop, just would like to see two things: PCI Gen 4 SSD support, and more cooling. It does well but with another fan it could run close to silent IMO.

    Third bonus would be carbon fiber to cut down some weight.

  5. William Cohen

    Very nice PC. Camera is very good and so is the sound. Even though ram not upgradeable 16 gig of ram will meet most users needs. Wifi card will be very fast and the need to upgrade in the future will not really ever be needed. So having this soldered in will never really be a problem. Comparing this to the XPS line, port selection is far better and one will not really ever need to use those silly dongles. Camera is better than the one in the XPS. Upgradeability of the ssd comparable to the 9320 but puts the XPS 9315 to shame. If the system board ever goes bad in the 9315 all data is gone. Granted this is pricey but one is buying overall better design than the XPS line. For the price of this one thing they should have done is include the pen and also the cover sleave like the HP Spectre does. Great review.

  6. Dean Thompson

    Thank you, Andrew, for another great review. Many more pluses than minuses on this laptop. I would like to see another fan, but there just isn't enough room for it. Hopefully by 2024, when I will be looking to replace my Lenovo, the chip shortage and the supply chain issues will be worked out. Take care, and my best to you and your family.

  7. Jianyu Hua

    Hey Andrew, can you do x1 extreme gen 5 review. Thank you so much

  8. Michael Byrd

    Thumbs up AMD! Another great review. This one seems to be a great device; lightwieght, well built, 2 in 1, with a great selection of ports!

  9. jvalencia

    I like it! From the top, keyboard area looks like like the MacBook Pro 13 M1/Air M1 but with more ports, 14 inch screen and can be used as a tablet. Excellent review!

  10. ms3bani

    512 nits, not bad. and finally a laptop where the webcam isn't a potato.

  11. Freddy Lee

    Dell always been a favorite brand of mine (aside from Lenovo & HP). Back when I first started out to work at an office, my first laptop was dell well 2gb ram (yes you read it right, 2gb ram) in 2015 (even my personal laptop at that time was already had 4gb of ram). It was really slow to use but durable as heck and one of the best keyboard I've typed on. It lasted me another 3 good years before it broke down (it was purchased like in 2010).

  12. Arnav Tyagi

    Me watching this on my XPS 13 Plus – Don't worry brotha, yo speakers gonna pop too, fans be like I'm F-35 bish lmfao 😂😂

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