Dell XPS 15 9550 Review – The Macbook Pro Killer?

My review of the Late 2015 Skylake XPS 15 (9550) from Dell with the 4k InfinityEdge Display. Enjoy!
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A comprehensive review covering the screen, keyboard, trackpad, build quality with video editing performance and gaming.

Is this the best 15″ Laptop? Is it better than the 15″ Macbook Pro? Is the 4k display worth the money? Watch this video to find out! =)

Review unit: i7/16g/512g/960M

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  1. Harsh Patel

    Great Video. Was planning to buy this laptop but was not sure. You mentioned the good and bad aspects of the laptop and I love the fact that you open the bottom part to show the details what's inside . I think I might buy it thanks to you. Keep up the good work. Cheers!!

  2. ZombieKilla

    So I am torn between getting this (or maybe chipping out the extra cash for the new one), and getting the Macbook Pro (2015 version).

    I am used to using iMovie, so I kind of think Final Cut Pro X would be a nice transition, and it clearly runs quite smoothly. But currently I have a MSI GE72 and am using HitFilm Express and am loving this software. I usually edit 2k footage, and upon import it is quite choppy, but once I create a proxy of the footage it is quite smooth. I should add: I use my iPhone 6S to film, with a moondog labs anamorphic lens.

    Anyone have any opinions? Should I get the Dell XPS 15? Or should I get a Macbook Pro (2015)?

  3. el3xtrosky

    Hi Dave, at 1:25 you said it has M.2 SATA and at 2:23 you said M.2 NVME. I'm actually curious which one cause I'm considering to buy one. Thanks Dave.

  4. K J

    I really, really want to see a Dell XPS 17 offering. It would give the company a way to give you a laptop even better. You could have a 2.5" hdd slot as well as the big battery, and with the extra space you could squeeze in a 1060 and have space for cooling

  5. AmirAli Fendi

    is it good for everything exept for the gaming ? i want it so hard :((

  6. Sylar

    This is the first vid I've ever watched from you. I'd subbed because of the quality and the breakdown of your vid. I hope the rest have a similar format…

  7. Rust isn't exactly a good benchmark, it's extremely poorly optimized and it's in pre-release.

  8. Hoang Hieu

    Hallo guys, any one here using this laptop. Can you tell me or suggest me some of your opinions on this one?
    Im going to purchase this but I am still a bit confusing that is it really great as some reviews?

  9. Rupam Saha

    Hey, 2D can you please give a whole review over Dell Inspiron 14 7460, what can be upgraded or what cannot be upgraded in it, what specification it comes and how they are…. something like this…..
    In short… I want a postmortem of The Dell Inspiron 14 7460
    And it looks similar to Dell XPS 13
    It is also a budget laptop with in $1000 …
    And the last one.. try to give a review that can it handle 4K video editing or normal photographs editing in Ps or Lr….
    Thats it……….

  10. Steven Salazar

    Hi would you recommend it even for person that swear a lot ? (Im talking about carbonfiber because i think it gets dirty easily )
    Thank you for your answer. 🙂

  11. Charles Mahono

    If Dell XPS 15 came with MacOS, i would buy it as soon as possible!

  12. I bought this bad boy a few days ago. All the specs are the same except that mine has a GTX 1050. It also wasnt $2100, i paid $1600 at the microsoft store

  13. Mayra Garcia

    This is probably one of the less obnoxious intros I’ve seen. Thank you for that.

  14. xenovibes

    this guy luvs dell and in ma guess hates hp

  15. Kuan Meng

    It is smooth (2015 year 9550 model)for 4k video editing?

  16. Chriss Martin

    The only issue is the Speaker actually blows up….got it replaced twice…and even now blown.

  17. Rohan Krishnan

    Thank you Dave. Finally with your reviews about the XPS 15. I was comfortable buying this laptop. I’m a Mac lover but Mac could not take some specific software’s for editing. So had to go with Windows. Yes truly this is a better buy than a Mac. If you think it’s to expensive for a laptop to be. Thank you again.

  18. Leugim Calves

    Hey dave can you share that wallpaper of yours, if you don't mind.

  19. dark5hadow

    still worth buying in 2018? or should i go for the 8th gen model?

  20. Nanogalaxy

    No Ethernet port?!!!!! That's a bad thing for a powerful machine. especially for people like me who edit videos straight from the cloud.

  21. followthepixels

    xps 9550 has a problem with swelling battery, some of them explodes and the customer service don't care bout it, especially when your warranty has expired. This is like a ticking bomb and you better be carefull

  22. Natange

    I hate my dell xps 15, the complete waste of money.
    I has been riddled with issues from light bleeding on LCD display, to audio crackling, and currently stuck in a bootloop.

  23. Taki F

    I finally bought it after watching this video 1000 times

  24. NoNameDetected

    So i can easely edit 1080p photography and 1080p travel videos with multible layers?

  25. Paul Munro

    I still use this now. It's absolutely solid!!!

  26. hgb0005

    this is the vid I watched over 4 years ago that really made me want the xps 15……plus i really enjoyed Dave's vids…….now im watching his vids on the xps 17…….and wishing i had money

  27. Axel KBJ

    Hello Dave, I hope you are doing well. I love your videos and how you give details so I wanted to ask you this, I'm so interested in the DELL XPS 15 9550 in terms of Hardware but i see a lot in forums or in some YouTube videos that there is a ton of issues concerning the software updates and such. Can you guide me through and tell me what you think please? Thank you !!!

  28. Fredrik G

    Hello everyone, is this one worth buying for 600 dollars used from 2016?

  29. Z

    I just bought one of these in 2022… for $230. How depreciation flies!
    Thanks to all the cutting edge (for 2015) features that Dell crammed in there, it can be kitted out quite nicely!
    I gave it 64 GB of DDR4-2666 RAM, a 2 TB NVMe drive that runs at over 3500 MB/s read & write, and a RTX 2070 (eGPU via Thunderbolt 3).
    The main downside is the Sky Lake CPU. Luckily it hasn't been a bottleneck yet, though.

  30. Matthew Whitmore

    Thinking of getting this in 2022 I've seen it going for about 400/450 is it a good buy for that much?

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