Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – The Problem Persists

Dave2D review of the 2018 Dell XPS 15 9570. The i9-8950HK is a beast but the thermal limitations of the chassis are still here.
XPS 15 –

Like the new MacBook Pro, not much has changed aesthetically, The new 4k display panel is a little brighter. Awesome for content creation. Fortnite and other moderately demanding games run at a good frame rate on the GTX 1050 Ti but keep in mind visuals are capped at 60 FPS because of the screen. The 2018 XPS 15 is still an excellent laptop for content creation but the thermal design of the laptop needs to be improved.

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  1. Dave2D

    The new XPS 15 is an excellent laptop but it still has the same thermal issues. If you're considering one, do the thermal limitations bother you?

  2. karim epic7

    I bought a dell xps 9560 back in 2017 or 2018 I dont remember, but I have now ghosting on screen, a dead ram unit (so instead of 16 , I'm running 8gb) and don't forget the constant freezing/overheating and crashing. The next laptop I'm getting won't be from Dell. Never again. A €2000 notebook should never be this awful.

  3. Jay_One_Off_Urdu

    I’ve got Precision 5530 2019. Absolutely diabolical performance after first hour of use. We as a company are moving towards Lennovo P1.

  4. sevchyk

    What are the devices powerful like this but without thermal issues, as you said?

  5. everusa15

    U fcking liar, i have this laptop and is a sheet, i ve sent it twice in repair… i am a full stack developer and when i ran 2 servers and work on a project it throthles if i try to play a game like cs, after 1min it throthles and go down. The battery inflated and my touchpad is useless.. it s a piece of shit

  6. Kasper Hansen

    After some repasting and undervolting I not get throttling. I also turned of turbo boost

  7. Piotr D.

    C'mon – while realistic expectations on thermals in laptops in general are a must…. in PREMIUM device, manual undervolting, re-pasting etc should not be the issue! Dell really could have gone extra mile doing this (if necessary) out of the box, and tweaking cooling system (noise vs. peformance, more cooling pads – they are NOT that expesive) and drivers. Having 80% of gaming laptop in exceptional build coupled with acceptable working culture would still be a bargain. Also: why there's not even a hint of thermal bridge to screen's back, largest radiator available?!

  8. I love it when it works… but it keeps freezing up and shutting down 😒 I’m hoping to get my money back.

  9. Kaustav Kapur

    i think you can increase the fan speeds. I think you have to go to dell power manager or something like, I haven't used a dell in a year so I don't remember, but over there you can adjust cpu power and fan speeds, and see battery health and other stuff like that.

  10. penzman

    I've almost bought this laptop about what, 17 times while intensively shopping online for 2 weeks now?
    The DPC latency issue is yet again losing another audio oriented customer.

  11. DJ Vi!BES

    Is this a good laptop for music production?

  12. Trevor Murphy

    My XPS 15 stopped charging on my USB C and Thunderbolt docks.

  13. Hecs

    Just wondering, what's the point of getting the xpl 15 when you can just get an acer aspire 5 with the exact same specs that's just $300 cheaper??

  14. Duffy Atkinson

    I have the same machine. DELL's production thermal pasting job is a joke. Redo it (CPU and GPU) with Arctic MX-4, undervolt by -0.125V and you're golden.

  15. Peterson Blanc

    great video, OMG, having recently purchased a 2018 dell 15 9570, recently I was not made aware of a swelling battery issue. I am curious as to know if you have hade to replace the battery at all and how long are the batteries rated to last? Was there any error and or alert that the Windows OS gave you in your discovery of the battery problem, that is did you perform a diagnostic which informed you prior? This really sucks, to where I may now consider returning the laptop for this reason. Thanks

  16. Hendrik Venter

    Agree, the 4K screen is excellent, battery life impressive. HOWEVER, to everyone thinking a "premium Dell" is a good buy – don't! I've paid $3000 for this exact XPS 15 9570 – under warranty the motherboard was replaced twice. Its just out of warranty, I have continuous windows crashes with "video scheduler" errors – I've spent days updating drivers, nothing works. Overall very disappointed in the quality at the premium price. Beware.

  17. Jointleg

    My xps 15 9570 (i7 version) in no way could run frames like that in those games. Fortnite on the lowest settings could never ever run 77 fps. The computer cant even handle the sims 4 on standard settings or city skylines on the lowest settings. CSGO rarely reaches 30fps

  18. Jenuwu

    My dad bought me that and ITS HEATING LIKE CRAZY 🙄

  19. Wayne Rogers

    2019 XPS-15 9570 Dealbreaker!!!

    I bought a new XPS-15 9570. 
    After using it for a little while, the cursor started erratically jumping
    around the screen, selecting cells in spreadsheets at random, change selection
    areas while using the mouse, etc.  The problem
    was intermittent and made the machine virtually unusable.  It tried everything I could think of, took it
    back for service, they had no solution.

    I did some searching on “Erratic Cursor Movement” and found
    a post on the Dell community about it. 
    See link and note below.

    “The issue for me ended up being the HID-compliant pen
    driver. I noticed that the "pen cursor" would sometimes flash on the
    screen briefly in the spot my cursor kept jumping to. Once I disabled the pen
    driver my issue hasn't recurred since. There must be some sort of driver
    conflict that's causing the pen to activate on its own causing the cursor to
    jump around.”

    I didn’t know the random symbol I was seeing on the screen
    was a Pen Cursor since I don’t use one. 
    Disabling the driver solved the problem.

    Just go into the Control Panel | Hardware and Sound, select  Device Manager, right-click on HID compliant
    PEN and disable the driver.  Problem

    No Pen available now but I don’t use one anyway and I can
    use this computer without any problems.

    This was beyond frustrating and I was ready to give it back
    if they would take or else eat the loss and get a different machine.  I hope this helps somebody with a similar

    Interestingly, Dell seems to have closed that thread so I
    can’t add or reply to any comments but that sure solved my problem.

  20. Phillip Ferrell

    Tell ya what. I have Dell G5 5090 that I just bought from Dell under the false representation from Dell that it was a gaming computer. Got it here and you can't even play Skyrim vr on the damn thing. It has the wrong processor in it for one thing, and I just imagine everything else about it is wrong too. And, lo and behold, I'm not having any luck at all making Dell make it right. It's been nearly two months now. I finally have it figured out that Dell is just not gonna even fix it. They're not even gonna try to make it right. This Dell G5 5090 is not what I wanted, and they think they're gonna stick me with it. No. That ain't happening. I don't want it either. I'm gonna stick them with it. One day this coming up week I'm gonna take this Dell G5 5090 desktop tower out into the parking lot, I'm gonna record myself destroying it with a sledge hammer, and I'm gonna upload it here onto YouTube along with some very derogatory feedback. Would y'all like to see that??? Keep watching.

  21. Thumby

    I love how the 4k one can't even run 4k, 1080 and 1440 is smooth but it can't even run 4k which is fucking retarded and a scam imo. I've tried everything (update all drivers ect), still can't fix it after 2 years of owning it, you would think a 1050ti would be able to run 4k smoothly as a default resolution but I guess not. It also randomly freezes and overheats itself when starting it up when connect to my TV. Over 1500 spent on 4k yet it can't even run it, pathetic.

  22. Aabhas Verma

    Hey! Can I use this (i7, 8750H, GTX 1050 Ti, 16 GB ram, 512GB ssd for graphic designing and video editing (multitasking)? Will it run smoothly? Does it get very very hot and interferes with the performance? Also, is there a lot of difference between FHD and 4K display? Please suggest. Thank you.

  23. Daniel

    Unfortunately I can't afford the i9 config so the thermal issues didn't bother me lol

  24. Danilo Badua

    Fried my motherboard playing Warframe on low settings T_T
    Switching to a potato laptop and a work station.

  25. rbaleksandar

    Do not buy this crap. My motherboard just failed (of course after expired warranty). In addition I had very often issues with a sleep problem that many people have reported but Dell continues to deny the existence of – you put your laptop to sleep and then the display won't wake up forcing you to hard reset your machine (some knowledgeable users online suspect problem between in the power saving mechanism plus Intel driver since apparently the notebook automatically switches to that instead of the Nvidia GPU for power saving purposes). Their tech support is incompetent and give incorrect information. Some users with the same notebook even reported extremely poor WiFi performance due to poor drivers shipped with the system, which is fixable if you are to install the latest drivers from the manufacturer Killer Wifi. When shit like this happens a sane person can only think of piss poor quality control.

    I bought this notebook for the CPU performance and display (a very good one) with the intention of using it for photo and video editing. With that "display falls asleep and doesn't wake up" I can hardly imagine leaving the notebook unattended to crunch some video.

  26. Jan

    I dont know what is happening to mine, but 2 years later its performance on overwatch is underwhealming, I have to play it basically at 720p low to get a consistent 60-70 fps I remember that when i got it it could handle 1080 medium pretty fine like on the high 80s, but i dont know if overwatch has just gotten mor edemanding with each update or if it is some performance issue with my pc. I anyone could help i would be very thankfull. I have "undervolted" the GPU trying to run it at a lower clock speed (~600Mhz) but within minutes it is already thermal throttling (slowing down to 150 – 300Mhz)and i cant seem to find a solution for it.

  27. Joshua

    Had this for a jut a year and it eventually becomes unusable with thermal issues without undervolting and changing the thermal paste, also known issues like fingerprint scanner and mouse pad not working, really disappointing from this price range, laptop has good aesthetics but can’t say the same about the performance.

  28. rondhole

    Xps 9570 throttle is near 2.8 Ghz instead of 1.6 Ghz in 9560. Thhe upgrade and real usage of 6 cores is clear. It has 4 more mosfet chips and can deliver more power in high load

  29. Hendrik Venter

    I have the 9570 with a 4k screen and the ONLY good thing about the laptop is the screen. This is by far the worst piece of technology I've spent $3000 on, and I won't ever consider another Dell product again. It constantly crashes with BSOD "VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR" and loves doing it especially during MS Teams calls (I use it for work). The motherboard was replaced 3x under warranty, the the HDD twice, and I've spent countless hours searching for a fix. Warranty has now run out.

  30. pasha houston

    switched from Omen to xps, love the laptop. hate the dell support, along with of course the sound issue. might go back to HP. dells web doesnt even look like a place for support looks like a damn overpriced menu of some restaurant. all you see is price tags –
    call agent ? :$$$
    say hi to us ?:$$
    one time tech support :$$$
    "YOUR WARRANTY IS EXPIRED YOU ARE NOW OUR FINANCIAL SLAVE and your computer will most definitely bring you here because we dont build for you, WE BUILD FOR US $$"

    they seem like a benz or any of the overpriced car brands, sell it before that warranty is out f it give it away before then..

  31. Jan

    3 years after getting this model…. Im still wondering, now that undervolting is not an option with the later BIOS updates, how do you crank up the fans to get a bit more of that performance.

  32. david solomon

    Had this. First time using it intensely it just kept shutting down. Sent it to dell to be fixed. Second time it CAUGHT Fire! Dell Charged me 400 dollars for the repair since it was "out of gurantee".

    Avoiding dell for the rest of my life.

  33. Ravi Peiris

    Why should I have to repaste and undervolt when it should have been done at the factory BEFORE purchase?

    Ravi Peiris M.D.

  34. Hendrik Venter

    The XPS 15 9570 is a HUGE disappointment. I've had the internals replaced twice (under warranty), SSD replaced. Issues persist from day 1, I continue to get "Video Scheduler" blue screen of death especialy during Teams calls. It randomly crashes. Its pretty much the worst piece of tech I've owned. Ever. And it cost me $3000.

  35. Brendan Temme

    Dave, nice video 🙂 how do you still feel about the 9570 3 years on ? I bought a used one a few days ago and its very nice.
    I did alot of homework prior to getting this and the 9570 was the only one i wanted. I could have bought the 9575 but i didnt…

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