DHCP Explained – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

What is DHCP? This is an animated video explaining DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Also explains the difference between a static IP vs dynamic IP.

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  1. Zahra Hdavnd

    I wish i had found you sooner
    English is not my mother tounge so i only understand 80 persent of a speach.
    But your speach was creastal clear to me word by word.
    Thanks a million.

  2. udit nair

    This is hands down the best explanation. I hope you soon get the recognition you deserve.

  3. Sergio Garcia

    Your a god send! I don’t even know if that’s how you say it, but you helped me out . More than you know! Thank you!

  4. Armando Dippet

    This video was way too much. Insanely well explained, very fundamental and very easy to follow. Thank you so much for this contribution to the world.

  5. Beepboopbop

    I laughed when the lightning blew up the router at the end lol

  6. benson suleiman

    Question, correct me if im wrong. Wouldn't it be more secure to limit the dynamic ip addresses to the number of nodes in the network? that if an external unauthorized entity tries to access the network they will fail due to the limited assigned number of ip addresses connected.

  7. Thank you I like all of your videos. Very easy to understanding… you are the super 👌

  8. jackie browne

    Excellent video and explanation. You really clarified the issue. Thanks

  9. Ryan Bond

    a computer does not need an ip address for communication, so long as there is layer 2

  10. amazing…. so much knowledge in so little time. you are an amazing person for making these video. thank you so much.

  11. Michał Ślęzak

    Yet another great video from the author! But am I the only one made uncomfortable by waiting for that box to fill with all those IP adresses? 😛

  12. Achu Nji

    this is by far the best youtube study platform, your explanations are amazing, I suggest you treat topics like spoofing, smurfing attacks DNS poisoning and ARP poisoning, thanks.

  13. elika chophy

    I was struggling to understand the DHCP concept and your video helped me a lot .Thank you! for making us understand about Networking.

  14. FloatingM

    Thanks for electrifying stuff in the end xD

  15. joseph arrey

    i always come to get the concept before anything else because the explanation is outstanding.

  16. Hi, I've had this problem and I'm really confused about the how and why.

    I've been using Xiaomi AX3600 as my house's main router for almost two years now. And I've had this weird DHCP problem for the last 4-5 months now. What's more weird that this problem only occurs on Android devices and computers that are connected via the RJ45 cable while in iOS devices and computers connected via the WiFI aren;t suffering from this.

    So the default main IP for the router is "" and the default gateway for the provider (IndiHome) is "". And the default DHCP auto-assign for my router are ranged 10 to 254. But the weird thing is sometimes it doesn't connect to the router (31), and instead having another number (28). I wonder why is this happening, because sometimes the DHCP persistently gives me the ip of 192.168.28.~ instead of 192.168.31.~ that I've had to manually assign the ip in order to finally be able to connect to the internet.

    Where did even the 28 come from when it's obviously 31 for the router and 1 for the provider gateway?

  17. S1mpleLance

    your explaination is so clear and easy to understand! Thank u so much

  18. Albrat Gaming

    One extra thing that you did not mention here is that you can assign IP addresses outside the scope of the Pool to a specific device. eg. your pool for DHCP is through Then you can assign a specific address to your printer that is and your server to be These fall outside the dynamic pool and therefore should not be taken by a random computer. That is how I have my server and printer setup. They fall outside the pool for assigned IP's leaving my DHCP server the full pool of dynamic addresses.

  19. Family Flanagan

    I have applied for an awesome job recently and i have my interview on Thursday morning, and this has helped me to understand DHCP so much more than what i did previously. Thank you so much!

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