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Never the innocent. Everyone else is fair game. Strike from the shadows as the Rogue in Diablo IV, available June 6th, 2023.

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  1. game trailer

    I love this game, it's something incredible and exciting, I wish everyone a pleasant experience

  2. MeRA

    Why you working w scammers get rid of it lol 😂😂😂

  3. Quanduz Foster

    yuh this is my favorite class throughout beta. ready for june!

  4. Nataly Cali

    PES5? Giveaway available now inbox me direct at comments session

  5. japhet Emmy

    PES5? giveaway inbox me direct at comments session

  6. Gojira Prime

    Can't wrap my head around creating a new character every 3 months

  7. Tommy

    If Xbox sees this comment put my comments on stealth mode playstation nothing is true but everything is permitted

  8. Clogmonger

    What an insanely boring looking game. D3 sucked something awful. Really don't know why people are excited for this pump and dump AAA trash.

  9. jack

    This would be really cool on a q lite with cloud streaming and offline play please PlayStation make project q lite a cloud streaming and offline play handheld console and when I say offline play I mean it will be a to do cloud streaming but offline play will be like you those small chips people put in Nintendo switchs to play games that is the offline play thanks for your time PlayStation once again

  10. Mappy Bc

    Nah, thanks. If I wanted always online, filled with microtransactions, I would play Path of Exile.
    Which at least has the decency of being free to play.

  11. Samurai Shogun

    Can we please get a samurai class in here Blizzard ?…..Either way i already pre-ordered $100 Ultimate Edition Thank You !!

  12. trik

    If you have a copy laying around you can give it to me since I can't afford it right now

  13. 1000 1000

    A true masterpiece. GOTY. CAN'T WAIT. SO EXCITED!!!!!

  14. Steven McHugh

    As fun as the Rogue was……they really need to re-work the "Imbuement" abilities. No way on Earth should Poison/Cold/Shadow weapon buffs only have 2 charges before they run out. Each damage buff should last 30 mins before needing to be re-applied…..ESPECIALLY since there are no gems you can socket into weapons to add, for example, Poison damage to a weapon. At least, there were none of those gems in the Beta. Being limited to just 2 charges is stupid. If they want to compensate or "balance" it…..have the buff last 30 mins and be a constant damage buff for the whole duration for all effected abilities….but you can only have one damage buff active at a time, and if you apply say, Cold damage buff, it will replace the Poison one.

  15. Andres Gómez

    Is this game only for online ?? Or you can play it offline

  16. ACameronUK

    I know we’re not supposed to trust AAA anymore…but I am looking forward to this 🤷‍♀️

  17. Brod

    Okay but give us paladin back already

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