Diablo IV – Server Slam Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


Jump into the Server Slam May 12 – 14. Hit level 20 and beat Ashava to earn the new Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. One more chance to save your pup and earn the Beta Wolf Pack!

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  1. anyone know how ps plus works with this game ? seeing as u need to be online to play and u can see other players does that mean you need ps plus to even get on the game or ps plus is for joining a party or wa ?

  2. Artūrs Savickis

    Just when I thought that there is literally no way how Blizzard can f**k up my beloved franchise even more THIS gem is released…

  3. В чьей больной голове родилась мысль, что подобная музыка подходит мрачной, готической игре???🤦‍♂️

  4. Alex Deva

    I think some intern may have uploaded the video with the wrong song

  5. DerFloh89

    Ok thats lame cringe and kinda unprofessional

  6. JetShi Edits

    whoever made this trailer should be Fired Right away !

  7. Uki

    No thanks I will not buy anything from you ion.

  8. CJ Williams

    Who ever fought to have the space j music in this trailer, I salute you

  9. Alex Munoz

    😹🤔💭🏀 That music does not fit in to the 🎮👿4️⃣

  10. Who choose this music for this????

    The lack of sense is unbelievable. Reminded me of the lack of sense of some choices in Diablo 3.

  11. Brubrukk

    blizzard if you want me to try this garbage you gotta stop putting it out during huge game releases like RE4 Remake and Tears of the Kingdom.

  12. Steve E. Dunne

    Okay you talked me into it. I shall make all The Monstars as classes. Sir Charles Barkley The Druid. Wielding Double fists of Churros.

  13. Not Shared

    Everything bad about online games. Struggling to login to an overcrowded server just to compete for selectively spawning global mobs with limited availability and maximum group sizes. Had enough of that in the bad old days of non-instanced MMOs.

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