Digimon World: Next Order – Official Nintendo Switch and PC Trailer

Meet Takuto and Shiki, learn about the world of Floatia, characters you’ll encounter, training Digimon, and more in this latest trailer for Digimon World Next Order.

In Digimon World Next Order, return to the Digital World to raise powerful Digimon, uncover the secrets of Machinedramon, and build a Digi-metropolis on Floatia.

Digital World in Digimon World Next Order will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC on February 22, 2023.


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  1. Isaac Zais

    Digimon world next order 2 is what we wanted. This is like a 6 year old game

  2. Neutron J

    What a waste of time if they disappear after smh 🤦‍♂️

  3. Jack

    Couldn’t they make something similar but new?.

  4. Amir A.Ismail

    Imagine if Pokémon becomes worse than Digimon and people then would pick Digimon rather than Pokémon

  5. ItsDrako

    Yes! Back to feeding, shitting and reincarnating like in the PS1 days!

  6. Just Elphix

    I'm really sick of that forced "cute" anime girl dub

  7. WLP 4ever

    Will the ps5 get a free update that features the new things added in this version , just curious??

  8. Cool Guy

    Is this going to be a remake with an updated roster of digimon from Adventure all the way up to Adventure 2020, or is this going to be a faithful remake? Please let it be the first.

  9. Tom Coop

    Finally! Pokémon needs some competition.

  10. WrenEX

    Can we have Rumble Arena 3 made by ArcSys?

  11. P0liman


  12. Mighty Murph

    Digimon have their own life span and at the end, they will be reincarnated to digi eggs.
    ~Monster rancher flash backs~

  13. nicolasng

    2023 and the game's graphic remind me of my old little nintendo DS lite 😂

  14. Lucky Goofer

    For those who don't know this game been around for a long time it is a remastered of the psp version

  15. InuNyjah

    Just give us a digimon version of pokken

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