You are currently viewing Discussing Ethics In PC Hardware Coverage w/ @TechTechPotato

Discussing Ethics In PC Hardware Coverage w/ @TechTechPotato

In this video Gordon sits down with Dr. Ian Cutress from @TechTechPotato to talk about ethics in journalism and in the PC hardware reviewer space.

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00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Old School vs New School
04:47 – Author Bylines
07:51 – The Lack Of Independent Media
10:58 – Firewalls
16:16 – Merch Sales
22:03 – Paid Travel
27:12 – Peer Reviewed Journalism
35:28 – Press vs Analyst
47:00 – Conclusion


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  1. Jake Dill

    Speaking of the maximum PC days.. I'll never forget that for a computer gaming world went for a good chunk.. completely removed review scores, started actually writing what might even sort of fall under the box of journalism it was it was strange and it was wonderful.. and man was it quickly taken out back to the EA shed and and put down.. I mean, it was rebranded games for Windows and then actually put down in the shed behind the shed whatever LOL it like it was brutal and sad and.. I just remember sitting there going like wait what the hell is going on you guys were doing a thing and it was actually really cool and different and useful.. why would you for one why would you ever change your name to games for Windows magazine.. and.. and then yeah taken out back then then it's like you know the ringing gunshot is the oh okay I get what's going on the whole time oh my bad.. we can't have nice things.. well I mean, certainly not in the traditional sense.. I guess that's the real trick at this point is to find the non-traditional.. tell you know they get taken out back to the EA shed.. or worse the Google gas light.. probably worse the Activision Bobby kotick puzzle basement where Raven got stuck for 10 years… Cuz just when you thought worst thing was death.. game development ever providing the pioneering path forward to lowering the bar 🙂

  2. Jake Dill

    So first it's just a whisper you've heard about Ian cutras the doctor.. the known.. next he's showing up in everybody's comments section.. every single live stream showing up.. you've heard rumors that he ate a silicon wafer, you've even seen pictures of him eating that silicon wafer cuz you've been subscribed to his channel and had no idea who he was or that he was the one that everyone was talking about

    So you figure you know all right, I'm up and all hours of the day that makes some sense given certain proclivities.. interesting he seems to be everywhere at all hours of the day.. now.. he's actually everywhere he's just there like in the video.. like he he came out of the chat he climbed out of the chat box and it happens to be there now.. and all the videos he's there the end the countries the doctor.. like an actual freaking Time Lord or something with a diet Coke.. almost always with diet Coke..

    Well initially I was thinking crackhead.. in the best most endearing sense of the term mind you.. now I'm just thinking ethereal operation.. like literally climbed out of the freaking chat box everywhere that he was hanging out in the chat.. at all hours of the day all the chats.. now just he's there like actually there.. like.. hopefully you know you can get some more silicone to munch on because.. obviously the substances that you operate are on a much more theoretical physics level maybe metaphysics level then I believe I had previously considered for human but maybe that was the problem I was thinking human.. this both explains everything and add so much mystery to the doctor.. and this comment section is the one time that I've officially decided to make words about it of what's going through my head these last few months..

    So I guess this is the next obvious question is like do I need to rewind the video after I watch it.. or is it just like a set timer thing you know where eventually he's going to come out of the screen and it's like you know like once you once you saw it you're you're set in in a course unless you've read the books which.. I guess video games or something.. like I know I should be terrified, but it feels like you just seem friendlier you know than than The Ring lady.. but maybe that's just me being judgy you know about could very well have just been a bad soggy mascara day.. either way, whether I have a choice or not feel free to hop out of my TV and just show up.. I don't have any diet Coke though I have.. I have water, and some milk and Gatorade but in the powder form.. and most of the cookies I don't really have a lot of cookies but pretty. Most of the ones that have shown up over the years have been bred or dough based cookies.. but, I'm going to have an old x79.. but I'm using it but if you're hungry.. you know who am I.. you know like maybe should get some diet Coke but probably not going to.. probably going to bite me in the ass but.. like you know water and some milk.

  3. D Jaquith

    Let's bottom-line it: money influences everything.

  4. Sędziwój

    About companies paying for travel, I don't see this as big problem, but I criticize always, even own boss, so… But I bet many would change they writing if they know that they don't get invitation next time, because of it. I think it would be nice to companies start put rules who is invited, and who gets samples, for example if you have youtube channel with 100k+ subscribers you will always get x class products at launch if you want, etc. So who gets it base on they parameters, but not on opinion. But I know it is pipe dream.

  5. Obake

    This will be an interesting talk that I don't think I've heard either of your opinions on.
    Steve from GN will be a great guest is this becomes a series. He thinks about this stuff a lot and to me seems almost too hardline about some things.

  6. MrVipitis

    What really struck me recently was Linus saying the A380 was a great graphics card to buy, in a video where Intel visited to make statements about their very negative review on the A370M.

    LTT hadn't even tested the A380 (looked like they didn't take it out of the box) but said clearly not to buy a very similar product just days earlier.

    I do like how well it's declared by Roman for example. You will always find paid content and samples in the description. As well as the "Dauerwerbesendung" disclaimer in the top right corner.

  7. Opius11

    Good topic guys… here is my take on it;

    If you receive something directly from a company, e.g. travel, accommodation, etc… Just disclose it in your video/writing. We all know that outlets, big or small, cannot always organize this on their own. Of course, if you receive a can of coke, no one cares…
    Goodie bags; talk about it, show it, we are all envious of getting freebies, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we (the consumers) will judge you for getting it. Personally I am just curious about what these companies are giving away. Is it quality things or just crap? Happens in a lot of industries…

    Merchandise; I applaud those who are creating relevant products for their genre. Merchandise as clothing items is personally for me a no go. Most of clothing items are sourced from cheap manufacturers and you will not be able to trace the origin. The fashion industry is a serious threat to the environment and are one of the most exploitive industries in the world. There are lot of documentation that even "green" labeled clothing is just BS. Buying into this industry, you are becoming part of a bigger issue and some tech-tuber or written outlet will never have the resources to partake in an ethical manner.

    Just my take on it.

  8. The mains problem in Tech Journalism especially PC Tech especially on Youtube. Are individual Tech Youtubers making too many videos saying the same thing. They get attacked by Fanboys and lose nuisance in their analysis. They sometimes do not realize one company like AMD's CPUs increasing price by $50 – $100 is not the same as a $200 – $500 increase in price like Nvidia's GPUs as they think both are price gouging equally. They rely on leaks a bit too much and not much informational based videos, not much past vs future benchmark-based videos, not much industry guest speakers videos, no call-in programmes. They clickbait the titles and topics so heavily you cannot tell if any company is in the lead… etc. etc.

  9. Fernando M

    Extremely interesting topic … Great to see two very different but greatly intelligent people touching on this topic .

    Many thanks guys .

  10. Jeremy Hidy

    What do you think about rumor mongers, aka leakers? Are they journalists? Are they shills? Are they just full of $#!+?

  11. Jay Dee

    Is this sponsored by Coke and HP?

  12. D Jaquith

    I would put YouTube as the last place if you want actual answers and actual information about anything, especially in technology. I'm not conflating the how-to video with the technology coverage or reviews of anything at all. There's so much erroneous and false information, misleading information and melodrama that it's literally a joke to what "journalism" has become. To me none of it is journalism but instead it's become infotainment. The latest example is the insane melodrama with Nvidia and I guarantee it probably would have been AMD if AMD were King of the Hill. My take was I couldn't care less about any of that BS, I just want to know availability, pricing and how damn fast it is. That's it. Instead, we have to be inundated with countless, that's not an RTX 4070 videos. The audience on YouTube is literally one step above high school dropout with no future and no money .. but all having an opinion that they get obstinate if you don't follow. Literally the exact opposite of what you would have in a paid written form of journalism coverage.

  13. PE4Doers

    Excellent video on a very problematic issue. I have been heavily involved and concerned about this topi for the last 4-years. It is understandable, to a slight degree, when someone is biased based on experience, however the two factors today are the same as they have been for ions. A large percentage of "official" opinion based on vendor funding (or the desire for some), and peer pressure (and bullying) – which is off the scale today due to social media being the life-blood 1.5 generations. When I started as a YouTube content creator I decide to stay 'straight down the line', and I've "taken the blows" (a 'My Way' ref. from Sinatra) in both Channel growth and income. I sleep well at night and am proud of the legacy I am leaving for my descendants.

  14. zen master

    I would love for a series on this topic. It would be an interesting topic with Steve Burke on the other side or any of the other bigger tech tubers.

  15. Pietr Muffei

    Always be honest. I made a mistake and this is new data/ source/ correction.

  16. joe allan

    Wait a sec, Ethics in PC hardware journalism….PC's are used for gaming … Ethics in video game journa… BY GAWD IS THIS GAMER GATE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO??

  17. What ever happened to the Logic of The More u make The Cheaper the COST = The More U Sell = More Profits ??= All Round Happiness !!!! = Customer and the Stockholders

  18. Vern Levine

    One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of people who review tech and electronics (especially cameras) on YouTube. It’s just how many people are what we used to call ‘shills’ for large corporations. It is pretty obvious especially with some smaller to medium channels. Some of these people get free stuff from these corporations and you can’t tell me that doesn’t impact or influence their review in a very small way.

  19. Vens Roofcat

    Important topic indeed. Media is not what it was 30 years ago and 100% media independence wasn't a thing even back then. From arguably reliable and honest to don't trust anyone's neutrality until daily proven otherwise within 30 years of internet.

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