Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless – Characters Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Meet the heroes of Hinomoto! …well, perhaps “heroes” isn’t quite the right word. Regardless, Fuji and Pirilika are ready to rock the foundations of this netherworld to the core, and maybe learn a few lessons about honor and redemption along the way. Their adventures are only getting started in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless!

Coming Fall 2023 to PS4 and PS5!

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  1. EzraAbdiel

    Im just sad that they ditched the 2d sprites..

  2. Yo… fuji is voiced by Alejandro Saab! Lets gooo!! And i do hope the game is better than 6

  3. Onell

    I just finish 6..and I can say that 6 are the worst disgaea series..this is my opinion..I hate it because of the 3D art style

  4. I hate how they changed the animation style in Disgaea 6 and now this one, probably to save some money. I really liked Disgaea but not this way.

  5. Maddie Browning

    It looks like it is gonna be the trash graphics just like Disgaea 6 all over again.

  6. UpsetN3RD

    One of my favorite series,I always get hyped for these games even though I do admit that they have had their problems as of late,but still really love this series.

  7. Willhbs1

    Guys I only played 1 and 2 don't know what to make of it,l I think I will give it a shot

  8. kidrobot

    they need to hire more voice actors. all of these people sound the same

  9. ScarySwim

    the reason a fell for disgaea was the wild 2d sprites,and how they clever artistically made them appear.if NIS can continue making sprites for mobile phone disgaea they can do so on console.it's what gave disgaea its own stile like the old saints row 3 compared to the current version

  10. Matias Pena

    Did well in japan, and i think stuff improved a lil bit, they need to figure the 3d animations, i hope they do, KEEP ON GOING DUDS!!

  11. pegeta

    These Graphics are a massive turn off….

  12. Definitely looks like the tech has improved since Disgaea 6- I'm enthusiastic for this title and hopefully just as much progress for 8.

  13. SNO

    Still waiting I wish translations didn't take so long

  14. Atika Tas

    Man please make pinny 3 and remake exile election in English

  15. TheJokerz Pub

    They went so crazy with disgaea 5 its hard to top that tbh 😂

  16. lain11644

    Game reviewed very well in Japan. Sounds like a comeback for the series.

  17. Aurkus23

    Hope we get a demo and an actual release date soon. I plan on grabbing the CE so it would be nice to know.

  18. tman3162

    6 sucked so… Imma hold out till 7C inevitably happens.

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