You are currently viewing DO NOT Update to Windows 10 October 2018 Version 1809

DO NOT Update to Windows 10 October 2018 Version 1809

DO NOT Update to Windows 10 October 2018 Version 1809

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Windows 10 seems to be having more problems with every update they release. Avoid updating to the latest version of Windows 10 1809 until its stable, Microsoft will have to pull this update unless they can resolve the issue. When will we see a proper working Windows 10? Time for Linux?

Windows 10 October Update 1809 Is Having Big Problems

Windows 10 (October 2018 update) (version 1809) deleted all my files

Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft pause rollout of 1809
We have paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users as we investigate isolated reports of users missing some files after updating.

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Alfred Tambora

    did u know why my pc keep getting blue screen…”stop code – kernel security check failur” , memory management, page fault in non page area… right now im on version 1803 and also i cant update to 1809, keep getting error….

  2. Benson Hedges

    Did anyone else's fan in their laptop stop working after a windows 10 update? Got an Asus, fan was working before the update on windows 7 then stopped on Windows 10

  3. Saurav Misra

    but you have already updated. this dark theme in applications are not there in 1803, which is incorporated in 1809

  4. RayZen

    also 1809 not deleting, but making machine to freeze
    i am experiencing that 🙁 everything was good on 1803, i cannot downgrade 🙁

  5. Half-Life SFX

    I updated it and a blue screen appeared repeatedly when I logged in.

  6. Henrik Rónai

    Do you perhaps have an idea why I keep getting "bad pool header" BSOD while trying to install this update? I have updated all drivers, I have disabled fast startup and still have this issue. It just dies when it gets around 70% of the windows verison 1809 update

  7. Luis

    not me. no problems at all

  8. David Ruzzo

    I have Windows 10 version 1809 on all three of my computers. I have three Hewlett Packard computers that I have loaded with Win 10 PRO version 1809. I have never had any problems with the OS deleting my data, although I have had problems with two of my systems BLUE SCREENING. Windows refuses to boot into the OS and I have to reload everything from the start again. I have reloaded Windows 10 PRO version 1809 at least four times because of blue screens refusing to boot into the OS. I did not realize there was a problem with this version. Now that explains why I have had to reload Windows several times. This really makes me mad..:-(

  9. Ale LGB

    I checked for that update 1 hour ago and found out my profile screwed and files have been removed, but luckily the rollback worked… So now, for not making my PC download again this update the only thing I should do is not pressing the "check for update" button and all will be fine, right?

  10. Velavan B.M

    But today only I updated my pc to this version , it is a 3.5gb update , but nothing had been deleted in my pc , this will not affect anything and this update is awesomeeeeee👌👌

  11. Puzzlick

    Is it bad I'm still experiencing problems if the task bar and had factory reset my computer because of cpu problems.

  12. Agon

    i automaticly updated and now i have problems with the sound i cant hear in my headphones and my speakers sound is not coming from my laptop please help !!

  13. Ar Santo

    i start my pc and login with my pass then the task bar pined program is loading after 1 or 2 min is this for the 1809 version ?? please reply

  14. Szymon Warunek

    i do not get any problems,i think – people should do a clean install,instead of updating…..

  15. sarnandu dutt

    Windows may 2019 update is almost worst that ever being created by microsoft its almost waste of time and data to download

  16. Ffs thanks 'alot' dude I accdiently canceled my kabylake video card 1809 thanks for fuckin ruining my pc m8

  17. strawtech8

    1809 is a piece of crap i got a new laptop and came with this old windows 10 version and its buggy as hell with the task bar stop responding 1 time after start for some reason and after restore (i didnt update) after a while it started doing it again so im updating to 1903

  18. Mirul Kruzer

    my cust win10 version 1803 model aio 5260..after update 1809..something wrong micr outlook signature very hang..and then try rollback 1803 try prss signature ok no lagg or hang..🤔..?english bad sorry

  19. Yosef Elsawy

    what I have 1903 October update and there is no deleted files

  20. Kevin O'Bill

    Is it okay that I am not upgrading windows 10 with 1903?

  21. INC

    Terimakasih atas wejangannya Pak

  22. Jxro DeadCity

    I just had to do a system restore because of the latest update! Broke everything..

  23. 𝙇💫𝘾

    I just all my files due to this bullshit🤦🏼‍♂️

  24. Rayi230

    with me when in 2018 I updated my Windows 10 to 1089 and all my data disappeared

    Sorry I use google translate

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