Don’t Buy Mini PC Until You Watch This – W8 Pro Mini PC

Don’t Buy Mini PC Until You Watch This – W8 Pro Mini PC

This is a pretty good mini computer if your in the market for one. It will play games and stream 4K content with ease and a lot more.



Model W8 PRO
Color Black
Material Plastic
Operating System Windows10 32bit
CPU Intel Z8300 4cores 1.84GHz 64bit
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Wifi Connectivity AP6212 Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Ethernet 10/100M
Bluetooth 4.0
Camera N/A
Video Supported
HEVC (H.265 @ 4Kx2K), H.264 @5.1, SVC, VP8 1080p, VP8 4K,
VP8 stereo, MPEG4 ASP/SP, AVS, BD2.4, H.263

H.264@ 5.1, VP8 1080p, VP8 4K, VP8 stereo, SVC, AVS, H.263

Audio Supported

Picture Supported HD JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/TIFF
HDMI Port HDMI1.4 4K x 2K
Other Interfaces 1*USB2.0;1*USB3.0;1*Micro SD;1*RJ45;1*MIC;1*HDMI;1*Micro USB;1*DC
Other Features
3G N/A
Power 5V/3A
Certification FCC;CE
Dimension & Weight (Main Product)
Dimension 96*95*20mm
Weight 179g

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  1. Filip's World

    @Brian please show how to remove junk files from internet cache, temporary files and other junk using cmd.

  2. fixitdaz

    nice pc considering only 2gb ram and only 32gb rom can you upgrade the ram on it. great review Bri.

  3. mini px is not good like why would someone buy one.. is there any update on my problem with updating windows ?

  4. orbing

    noise level? very important info if in bedroom or living room

  5. greenghost625

    only 100mb network? ehhh i do prefer the 1000mb RJ45 for I do a LOT by RDP

  6. Caso Time

    sorry I'm in a bad section but I got a bad_pool_header blue screen of death in windows 10 I can't get into safe mode what could I do? I don't have the USB flash drive

  7. george maragos

    Hi All, i have a very similar one that i purchased about 12 months ago ( 4g 64g @$150 AU). It was purchases about the time when the 4g memory ones had appeared on Ebay for say a month and the price started becoming within $20 of the base 2g ram models

    I am very happy with it and it works fine. It is permanently next to my TV in the living room, has wifi and cat 5 plugged in and a small handheld wifi keyboard with trackpad.
    Despite the 100m lan speed, i can send a file from my pc, and by the time i get to the tv and change the channel the 200-1g file has been send and waiting for me – VLC does a great job in playback.

    I also use it at time for checking email and facebook plus playing youtube on the TV

    It is plugged in 24/7, it is silent the case can get warmish on the top, i have not opened it up, but if it every do i will see if i can add to the heatsink setup/ I did run cpu temp and stress test and it was fine i dont recall the figures it would have been about 50deg C idle to 60C when running as i panic when they get close to 70 on any of my devices

    Portability – i have taken it with me on a few overnights and weekends as i can plug into a tv with hdmi, we also have laptops and 1 Ipad

    It has gone to work a few times and played some network games at lunchtime with some of the reps on laptops.

    Being the baby Z8300 processor it is no speed demon but only stumbles at the biggest loads.

    The only negative is the lack of space, once win10 installed there is not much free room, this will disappear with constant win10 updates. I do need to check the update download directory and delete the old files. But it compensates with 1 x usb3 and 2 x usb2

    I am tempted to turn of the win10 updates in the startup services to save space – but will keep running defender updates

    I understand the critics, it does have its limitations, but this machine is not sold as the fastest pc on the market, and it is truly value for money, i have seen people spend more on a fancy keyboard than what this is selling for.

    Overall i give these items a 8/10 for practicality and value for money

  8. xMLHx Squad

    They should have made it have at least 16gb of ram and a 1tb ssd hard drive and a i7 7700k processor


    Hey Sir — I heard what you were saying but I don't quite think you got my issue. Since you're otherwise an extremely helpful person I pulled the comments. Keep up the good work!

  10. Sgt Serenity

    Doesn’t matter I was done at Windows 10
    Windows 10 sucks so bad you can’t give top PCs without reformatting it with something else

  11. al dee

    can ram and memory be upgraded?

  12. plippy

    Oh I have this

    It won’t even run roblox

  13. Scotti

    Beelink Gemini X55 Mini PC EU – Black 8GB LPDDR4 + 256GB SSD = £200 ………….Good deal?

  14. dark

    can you play roblox with and if so can you use max graphics?

  15. pete

    mine started flashing LED red/blue anyone know ? fried?

  16. Wojciech H.

    Good day. I forgot my password, so I reset the Windows 10 operating system to factory settings. Now he wants a key to activate Windows a. What to do? When buying, was this key already entered and did I delete it?

  17. Petri

    So can I connect my 4tb external hard drive to this and use Plex to watch movies from it?

  18. john sherby

    im interested in buying one to use as a local steam streaming box. think it would be a pretty cool little box to set by the tv and stream demanding games like GTA straight to it! do you think it would work well? do you have any other cheap boxes you would reccommend?

  19. Khaled Almohamad

    Hi Brian, thank you for your video, I reinstalled widows 10 and need the drivers, any idea?

  20. julius carino

    im planning to buy cheap mini pc that can handle games. wish i stable upon that kind of mini pc

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